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Default We went to the vet...

Cheynie was out of heartworm medicine and today was a nice, sunny day so I thought it would be a good day to take her to her vet to have her weighed and pick up the medication. I told her if she was a good girl she could have a nice treat when we got home. Before we left, I took her out in the yard to play. She had a great run and burned off a good deal of energy. I thought "good! we are all set"... ha! She bounced down to the street and into the car, leaped in from the street level (and I have an suv!), settled herself in the back and began to serenade me. I turned on the radio to accompany her (ok, to try to drown her out ) and off we went. Petco is on the road on the way to her vet so we stopped in there to pick up some treats. She was so ott excited that when the automatic door opened she ran in.... into the side of the door that does not open, clonking her head on the glass. She bounced off of that and pranced into Petco "singing" to everyone there. She was the only dog in there and there was only one other customer in this fairly large store, but she "sang" loud enough to entertain all the employees We were right behind the other customer to check out at the register and she decided this customer must be a long-lost friend and come hell or high water, she was going to reintroduce herself. The woman customer and the woman employee at the register gave her tons of attention which she just ate up (continuing to sing most of the time). In fact, she was so comfortable with her new friend that she stuck her head in the woman's basket and tried to help herself to whatever goodies were in her basket. We made it out of Petco without too much more of a ruckus and went to the vet's office. His office is on a main road where there are nonstop "big and scaries" (trucks, cars, tons of traffic) going past near the entrance. Cheynie was not impressed with them and bulleted into the office where she decided that the vet staff needed to be serenaded too. Thankfully, there were no other dogs or cats in the waiting area. There is, though, a large ceiling fan, which she apparently remembered from last time and she got all excited to see it again and decided to sing to that as well.
The vet tech came to take her to get weighed but Cheynie didn't want to leave her 'ceiling fan friend" so three of us pretended we were all going into the back before the words "Cheynie, come" made a dent. She weighed in at 47.3 about 2 1/2 lbs less than her last visit, but with all the running and playing she has been doing and being less interested in eating in the summer heat, I wasn't surprised. Back in the car, she spent the ride home throwing a cookie that the woman in Petco had given her around the back seat. On the way home, I realized I needed gas so I made a side trip to the gas station. Apparently gas pumps are members of the "big and scaries" and need to be howled at/sung to as well. Her concerned face was pressed against the back window as I was pumping the gas, looking as though she was very worried it might eat me and telling everyone at the gas station about her concern. We made it home... I have a cold, much-needed diet coke and she is happily devouring her treat (a whimzee I picked up at Petco). One of us needs a nap and the other needs to be signed up for singing lessons!
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LOL!!!! You got to love her! Maybe you need something added to that diet coke, and then take a nap.

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sounds like she really enjoyed her self

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I love Cheynie's stories. They may wear you out, but you have to smile. Her stories make me laugh and smile. She is such a little character.

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Ha! Sadie makes a noise when meeting people as her butt tries to wiggle off but I never thought of it as singing but now I do. Fun adventures
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Lol, sounds like a pretty successful trip. Even if a little exhausting. Singing is good . And I I agree with Dunbar's Mom, her antics and escapades always make me smile and very often laugh.

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How is that It's a pity you didn't get her singing on to a video LOL!
But she definately is a character and brings loads of joy to you and us on the forum reading the stories about her Hope she didn't hurt her self on that glass door! I don't like these types of door either!
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Thanks Monkey! I been fleeced Thanks Skunkstripe. Dave


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Oh how I love Cheynie's adventures!!
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Thanx sheplovr & JGLI

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