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Default Mugsy (Jack-A-Bee)

[/IMG]I am 50 years old. Mugsy is the first dog I have had in my adult life. Growing up in the country I was always around some animals but never really had a personal relationship with them. We have had him about a year and a half. When we adopted him at the animal shelter they said he was 2 years old that would make him about 3.5 now.

My wife and I have been together 16 years and she had two cats when I met her then we adopted another. Sadly on Christmas night 2011 I lost my friend Slugger.Slugger 1999-2011 - Cat Forum : Cat Discussion Forums

2 months later we were at the animal shelter. I was not ready to adopt another cat but while I was out in my truck crying like a baby she was signing papers for Mugsy.

This pic is Mugsy on Christmas day at Mom's.

The animal shelter told us that he was a Beagle/chihuahua mix. Then we took him to the vet he said "no way" he was a chihuahua mix he was a Beagle/Jack Russell mix.

At first I was skeptical about having a dog. Cats are very quiet and generally relaxed. Mugsy is not. I had to get use to the "dog noises" and barking.

The 1st or 2nd night he came and got in bed with us, I was like "Naw, go get in your own bed." He sighed and went away but that lasted all of about a week. I remember early on one night I woke up as he was digging to get under the covers and I think that is when I accepted him. Now he is my best friend. Go figure.

Mugsy is great. He loves to go for walks and play. He is all about his people.

We live in the burbs. He will sit in the window all day kind of grumbling about people walking by and kids playing. When there is another dog he freaks out. The mail man parks his truck across the street and it takes him about 5 minutes to get us by the time he goes down the street a bit and comes back. During that time Mugsy is running from window to window and out the back door as we have a pet door. When the mail man gets to our house he gives it to him through the window. I used to hate it but now I just let him be a dog.

Whenever one of us get home from work he goes crazy giving us a big "welcome home". I hate leaving him in the mornings. My wife and I both work 12 hour shifts so if its a day when we are both working I worry about him all day. I had to sure up the bottom of our privacy fence out back because it became apparent early on that he is an escape artist. Probably how he ended up in the animal shelter in the first place.

Dog love is a lot different than cat love. Like I said he the first dog of my adult life and I was very surprised to find out how "child-like" dogs are. We think someone in his early life must have abused him because at first when I raised my arms or something he would look afraid and he did the same thing when I got out the broom. I think he trust us now though.

When my wife would asked me if I loved him I would say "he's alright" but now I don't bother denying it anymore.

He is a great companion and a lot of fun and very loyal.

We even took him to Myrtle Beach last September and I took him to my Mom's on Christmas Day.

He is very smart, relatively well behaved and never has accidents or tears stuff up.

Recently he has started "speaking" to me. He knows "Do you want go for a walk"...He goes crazy and he if I ask several times he barks. Hilarious.

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Monday at a local dog run park.


Waiting in the car for Mom in Myrtle Beach.

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What a terrific story of how you found your new best friend, thank you for sharing it. Some of the things dogs can add to your life just can't adequately be put into words. I think both Mugsy and your family are very lucky to have each other. The pictures are great, love those ears :-)
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So glad you are enjoying and loving Mugsy. You are right in that having a dog is like have a child. In our family, dogs have always been members of the family, not just "pets".

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I grew up with a dog and a few came and went during my adult life but there was never that real special connection. I had some long time cat friends that I miss 'til this day but you are right...loving a dog is different than loving a cat...not more, not less, just different.
I am glad Mugsy has found you and is still in process of training your well. It appears he has selected his human well.
Life will never be the same.

I do not see pictures in your posts ??
Some unfortunate people don't have a dog to talk to.

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What a great post! There is no love like a dogs love, that's for sure. I could never imagine life without one.

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