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LCPL_USMC_RET 02-03-2012 02:31 PM

lol i love those videos! its hard to get him to talk if he isnt excited if he is excited or sad he'll go along with you. but any other time its hard. if i leave to go to the store he starts crying and howling n my husband keeps him going, its so cute, or before i take him for a walk, when he sees the leash its just madness! he actually likes the leash! even when we are at the dog park and he is playing, if i get his attention and show him the leash he comes running! where as a lot of dogs i know run from it! lol

LCPL_USMC_RET 02-03-2012 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by DeeLind7 (Post 368098)
Just goes to show, that sometimes all they need is a little love. It's a shame that the poor guy was rehomed 3 times in one year alone. Thank goodness he now has a forever home, with lots of love!

At least 3 times. 3 homes in 5 months. and the family that got him in july got him from the pound, so he had to have come from somewhere, cuz he's 3yrs and a pound dont keep a dog for THAT long. so i can only imagine how many homes he's been in. But you best believe he is in his last! Ive wanted a husky since i was a kid. Ive loved wolves and i have a tattoo of a wolf on my arm that actually looks a little like Thor! lol
DSC00693 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DeeLind7 02-03-2012 03:22 PM

I love the tattoo! It looks like one of our members art work. Check out the art section of the forum and look for Draco.

LCPL_USMC_RET 02-03-2012 03:59 PM

I will!

Here is a video of Thor and a few of the "tricks" he knows.

Little Lucy 02-04-2012 12:28 AM

The video is great. Thor is a smart boy!! :heart:

Kali 02-04-2012 07:57 AM

I love huskies, my dogs 2 best friends are both Siberian Huskies, and she LOVES 'em! My sister trained my dog how to speak, and we regret it, all she does now is bark at people passing by :o

Cool tattoo, but did you know that technically you "stole" the design? I visit an art site and recognized that tattoo right away from a girl who makes money by designing others' tattoos. Unless you commissioned it from her, then my mistake :p

LCPL_USMC_RET 02-04-2012 06:43 PM

lol yea i found it on the internet. BUT in my defense the design is changed a bit the original is all black and mine has some red in it... not that that actually makes a difference helps me sleep at night. lol

LCPL_USMC_RET 02-08-2012 07:19 PM

So after about 3 days of sitting down and devoting time just to teach him to speak i finally got him talking! ive tried before but as i previously stated one of the homes he was with hit him and im lead to believe that he war punished for barking or howling. when i first tried it seemed like he knew what i wanted him to do but he would get frustrated cuz he wasnt sure if he would get in trouble. first he wold let out little whisper howls, it was cute but made me sad because in my mind it confirmed my suspicions. but after positive reinforcement that it was ok and lots of treats (lol) he finally got it down. now he will "bark" or howl when i tell him to say please!
Thor the Alaskan Husky 2 - YouTube

his personality has come out A LOT since we got him, he used to be very quiet and kinda timid but as you can see he has gotten a little more willed we'll call it lol!

DeeLind7 02-08-2012 08:07 PM

How cute! I can't believe I missed the first video. At least he's finally coming into his own. You should be proud of how his training is going.

techie 02-08-2012 08:19 PM

Your Marine background is showing! :D lol

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