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Question Dog unable to walk? HELP?

I have 2 dogs at home. One black lab/chow/chesapeake bay retriever mix and one chocolate lab. Our black dog has always been relatively healthy other than a stint of pink eye or a cold now and then. Tuesday morning, my husband and I were awakened at 6:45am b/c she was flailing around on the floor unable to stand up! She could move her legs but it was as if she had no control or strength to stand up on them! We were terrified! And so was she. All we could do was try to control her so she wouldn't hurt herself flailing around. We tried to call the vet and, of course, got the automated center b/c it was 6:45 in the morning. She asked if it was an emergency and of course it was, but all she would do was tell us that our vet would be in at 8:00am! We have our vets home number, but he was on the way to work, so we couldn't catch him that way, either.

Well, I finally got her calmed down and laid on her side by rubbing her on her chin and talking to her. During this "episode" she had pee'd all over everywhere and started trying to lick to clean herself and so she was then drooling everywhere too. I told my husband to try to tickle her feet to see if she was able to move them. She would pull all four feet back when he touched them so she had feeling in them and could move them all. So I backed away and called her to me and she stood right up and walked through the house to the back door as if it had never happened! The whole episode from beginning to end was maybe 5 to 10 minutes time.

We called the vet at 8:00 and told him what happened. He said she could have had a seizure, but with no history of them and her only being 6 years old, he couldn't be sure that was what happened. He asked if her eyes appeared glazed over during the episode. I couldn't remember seeing that they were, but it all happened so fast that I couldn't remember! He asked how she was acting now. We had taken her outside, thrown the ball and she had run to get it and brought it back. We gave her a milk bone and she laid down and ate it like usual. She was acting perfectly normal...not even a limp! And she remained perfectly normal for the rest of the day!

She slept through the night on her pillow on the floor and was perfectly fine this morning as well. Has this ever happened to anyone else's dogs? What could this possibly have been? Could she have pinched a nerve or slept wrong or possibly even woke up with her legs or lower back "asleep" and it just scared her so bad she freaked out? The vet just told us to keep an eye on her b/c there really aren't any tests that can determine if she actually had a siezure or not. If it happens again, he said he could give us some anti-seizure medication for her, but that it may never happen again.

Any information anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated! My husband and I do not yet have any children and our pets are our "babies". I'm very scared for her and just want her to be ok. She is what has been classified as a "special needs" dog. She is a fear-biter. Because she is afraid of anything she doesn't "know", she will bark and try to bite anyone she doesn't know. There are only 5 people that she allows to be near her. My husband and myself, his mother and father and my mother. Everyone else she growls and barks at and tries to attack. But even with this "special need", we love her dearly and just want to take care of her.


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I am NOT an expert but it sounds like an epileptic seizure to me. If you have not been to the vet yet, drop everything and GO!!
Best of luck!
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We called the vet and he said if it was a seizure there weren't any tests he could run to confirm she'd had a seizure. He said for us to watch her and if it happened again, to bring her in, so he could try doing some tests. So I'm following the instructions of my vet. I don't know what else to do. I went home at lunch today to check on her and she's still acting normal; playing, running, jumping and wagging her tail. I'm so confused!

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what you are describing is exaclty what happened to a friends of mine dog while we where there. Its sounds to me to be a seizure. My friends dog was only 3 years old when it first happened to him.

They do loose all bodily control and generally will pee while its going on because all muscles in their body are going into spasims.

In my friends case we rushed him to the vet and he said the same thing, there is no test than can be run to see what it was unless you are willing to take a blood sample while its going on (personally I cannot see how that would happen!!!) anyhow, he gave us some info to keep an eye out for next time. Most important thing after an eppisode like that is to make plenty of water available, The vet said for the 10 min epposode its like them playing VERY hard for 10 Hrs. Makes them tired and loose alot of water.

I cannot say for sure what it is but just from my experience its what it sounds like. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. He was looking at me waiting for me to play tug and his eyes just glazed over and he hit the floor.
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Hello and welcome to

I am sorry your dog is ill. Can you tell me what kind of food you feed ? Dog foods can cause seizures.

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that is weird they dont have any tests to confirm if it could be seizures or not

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