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My Jake had seizures for a short time a few years ago. (2010) It was awful to witness and not much could be done but make sure he didn't thrash around, break any bones,knock things over and wander out the dog door during the night. (80 lbs) My Vet didn't want to put him on anything either as they were few and far between, but..........she informed me I could come in as ask for medication depending on MY comfort level should it happen again. The last seizure was only two weeks apart from the previous one and I took him back and asked for medication. She put him on potassium bromide x2 daily. (lab work every 4-6 mo for a bromide blood level - cha-ching!)

Keep in mind - at the time he started to have seizures, I was having the house sprayed for ticks and fleas monthly. He was a TICK MAGNET and was having Front Line treatments monthly plus I changed his dog food. I stopped all of the above, changed his food and put him on medication. No seizures since 2010 and I weaned him off the meds this past Oct. So far so good.

You said this seizure was more severe. It sounded like it lasted longer is that correct? Maybe you should consider getting Vet referrals from your friends and taking him to someone else with a second opinion regarding medication options. Good luck - I feel for you and Remmy - been there done that.

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