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Shamwow 04-29-2014 12:14 AM

Blister on chest -Jack Russell
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My dog, Toby, has had this for almost a month now. I started his medication 4 days ago, two different tablets, 1st is hydroxyzine and 2nd cephalexin. I have to break up cephalexin in half as the dosage is high, so 1 tablet of cephalexin per day and 2 of hydroxyzine. I also apply surolan (topical drops) on the blister-like-inflammation.
After applying the surolan, the blister enlarges slightly and turns bright red. I haven't seen much improvement even after 4 days of treatment. The treatment lasts 10 days.
Has anyone experienced this with their pet? I'm getting really worried since there is no improvement or signs of it disappearing.

Please reply as my pet seems uneasy with the inflammation
Thank you

Ama 04-29-2014 12:24 AM

I haven't experienced this with my dog, but I'd suggest calling your dog's vet and talking to them about. Ask them whether what you've been seeing is normal or not during treatment, and what you could give your dog to make it more comfortable.

Good luck and I hope it goes away/improves soon!

Shamwow 04-29-2014 12:31 AM

Thanks Ama! I'm using the mediation prescribed by my vet, it hasn't shown much difference though. He suggested that if nothing works out, he'll perform a surgery to remove it :(

JGLI 04-29-2014 01:09 AM

Has your vet definitely diagnosed this as a blister? If your dog is not responding to the course of treatment, I think it might be worth bringing him to another vet for a second opinion.

Shamwow 04-29-2014 01:15 AM

My regular vet recommend surgery as the first resort since he predicted its a tumour but after seeking a second vet, he pointed out that the tumour to be the last resort. He predicted that it could be mast cells or hair follicular tag (which seems to resemble the symptom)
I'll be taking Toby to my regular vet tomorrow or day after, so I'll wait for the medication to reach its half point and see if any improvement has occurred.

Little Lucy 04-29-2014 01:35 AM

Welcome to the forum Shamwow. I hope you get Toby's sore spot healed soon. Maybe you can post some pics of Toby. :)

Dunbar's Mom 04-29-2014 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Little Lucy (Post 405991)
Welcome to the forum Shamwow. I hope you get Toby's sore spot healed soon. Maybe you can post some pics of Toby. :)

Same here! Be sure to let us know what your vet says after your next appointment.

techie 04-29-2014 11:57 AM

Welcome to Dog Forum Shamwow. Can they aspirate it?
Looks nasty.

JGLI 04-29-2014 07:45 PM

I would have this looked at again as soon as possible, from the photo posted it looks very much like a mast cell tumor and if it is, the sooner it is confirmed and treated, the better the prognosis.
Mast Cell Tumor: A Common Form of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Shamwow 04-29-2014 09:32 PM

Good news everyone!! Toby is getting his surgery tomorrow and will be back to normal in no time! I'm so happy!
Thank you all for your help! I'll be posting pictures of Toby soon :D

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