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TeamTE 03-27-2014 01:18 PM

Hello folks,

It's been a while... the situation is that our Kookie (2yo) has been vomiting for the past 2 days after her meals. It's not soon after though. After the first occurrence, we greatly reduced her food and increased the amount of water; thinking this could "clean her out". However, even on reduced food, she still vomits it up a few hours later. She wants to eat and eat well. Now, she is not presenting any pain or body language differences. Just the same happy-go-lucky Kookie. We've checked her food and nothing is expired and there hasn't been any changes in her diet recently. She eats Wellness Core Grain-Free Ocean Formula. Would we have to take her in to see her doctor?? Is there more we can do at home? we currently keep her in her office(crate) for the night to help control accidents.

Thanks for your time.

FrodoMom 03-27-2014 06:09 PM

I would take her to see the doctor especially since it's not an isolated incident.

JGLI 03-27-2014 08:09 PM

I would agree that a vet visit is in order.

Dog Vomiting: Causes, Blood or Feces in Vomit, Treatments

Bigboy 03-27-2014 09:15 PM

Have to agree that something is wrong Your vet will be able to advise whats causing this problem let us know how you get on and good luck :)

TeamTE 03-28-2014 07:17 AM

thanks guys!
we're going to set her up this weekend. hopefully we can bring a stool sample to help(if she can produce one). we gave her water and ice this morning.

Dunbar's Mom 03-28-2014 10:43 AM

Good luck at the vet's office. Definitely agree with all of the above comments.

TeamTE 03-28-2014 10:50 AM

appointment set for this evening. i will provide you all an update this weekend.

techie 03-28-2014 11:17 AM

I hope it's something you can fix easily. :( I am glad you are going to the vet too.

SunnyTheBoxer 03-29-2014 03:50 PM

Sounds like she eats way too fast and simply throws up after. I hope this is the case. Becuase it's an easy fix with either a "Slow Bowl" or putting balls or something in the food to make the dog slow down while eating.

TeamTE 03-29-2014 06:08 PM

so.... the vet went well. her Dr. found no parasites and her internals look normal from x-ray. everything in check-up looked normal. we provided a stool sample and should be hearing something this weekend on that. Dr. suggest that Kookie just eat cooked plain white fish and potatoes; start small and increase the amount gradually.

so after that... she did ok last night, no incidents from this morning and waiting on how this evening goes. so far, so go.

@STB. thanks for the point. Kookie is a quick eater. that is something we'll need to help her improve in.

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