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Default Can a dog get parvo even if he is vaccinated against it?

A friend's two dogs are sick with symptoms that are simular to parvo. Watery bloody stool ans listless.

Is it possible to get it if they're vaccinated? They get their shots every year.
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Good question!! I suppose it's all down to the level of imunity in the dogs and other factors would have to be taken in to account like the vaccines shelf life and the potency etc. How old are your friends dogs? I hope she is going back to to her vets for a examiantion/tests? I sure hope it isn't Parvo it's a nasty diesease I wish your
friend good luck
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Last year at the Obedience class, a Lab threw up so they took it home and into the Vet the next morning. It has been at doggy daycare and playing all day. They checked it and it had Parvo even though it was fully innoculated. None of the other dogs it had been in contact with got sick and it recovered in a short time. I don't know if it got a milder case because it had had it shots or not.

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Apparently they can:

Can My Dog Get Parvo if Vaccinated? | Dog Parvo Symptoms

Infectious Diseases of Dogs - Parvovirus - VetInfo

Protecting Your Dog from Parvovirus - Whole Dog Journal Article
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The most common cases of vaccinated dogs coming down with parvo are the ones that have been vaccinated with over the counter vacs by do it yourself owners. In these cases they might not have followed through with the complete series, the vaccine might have been out of date or stored improperly, or it wasn't injected the right way.

It's pretty unusual for a dog to get parvo if they've been vaccinated by a vet, but yes it does happen now and then. If both of your friends dogs do have parvo and both of them were vaccinated at the same time by the same vet, then the vaccine was most likely comprimised in some way, such as being out of date or stored improperly.

Hope it's not parvo and just an upset stomach.

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you never know. My sister had her dog vaccinnated for kennel cough before going on vacation (followed the schedule accordingly) and her dog still got it... After some research at the vets it was discovered the vet gave him an expired dose.

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Other pathogens can cause kennel cough including viruses. The Bordatella vaccine is supposedly 80% effective.
Also on parvo they may have already been infected prior to the vaccine. I don't know about efficacy of the parvo vaccine.
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