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Ivy 03-22-2010 12:37 PM

Vaccination Question
I went to take Tynan for his last booster shots (3rd one) on Friday and the vet was saying he had to come in for another one in a month for the parvo shot. He has already gotten 3 parvo shots.

For every pup I have ever had they only needed 3 booster shots (all including parvo).

Do you think they are trying to get more money out of me or is this routine?

Also, Tynan in 16 weeks old and weighing in at a whopping 46 lbs!!!

I just called the vet and asked the reason for the 4th parvo shot and they told me that it's because he is a large breed dog.

They recomend a large or giant breed dog to get the parvo shot 4 times because they are more susceptible to parvo. What are your opinions on this? Is it true?

Bigboy 03-22-2010 04:51 PM

Ivy I would too would question this. I would say quite possible that you are being taken for a ride. I know in the uk at 12 weeks old puppies will have had all their vacinations and are ok to go for walks out side where other dogs frequent usualy about 1 week - 10 days after the last vacination, then it's either annually or as some one else has posted links on here which reckon boosters
can be given every 3 years or so and not a 12 month intervals.I would say in larger dogs they would just adjust the dose accordingly. Good luck Ivy ATB

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