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I took my dog to the vet yesterday because Bonnie's ear infection wasn't getting much better. The Vet prescribed Momentamax as she has before for Kyia and for Bonnie. I asked her if using Lamisil would work just as well and she said not if it's a bacterial infection and she believed it was a bacterial infection. She explained that Momentamax was for both yeast infections and bacterial infections. So I asked if it would be OK to put Lamisil in a dogs ear and she seemed to not know but did say she didn't think it would hurt if applied to just the inner ear flap so that basically backs up what another said here. At the same time, she said she doesn't recommend it but I think that's just because she didn't know for sure. I pressed the issue and asked if it's only a yeast infection would Lamisil work and she hmm'ed and hwwd a little but then said it would likely help if it was only a yeast infection.

As far as loud speakers as one suggested, that isn't the problem here. As far as food type intake, that is a good suggestion and even the vet brought that up. I feed her Diamond Lamb and Rice blend as she already had skin issues if I feed her anything else. I remembered I started her on a different type of treat that she gets once or twice a day and it could be that's the problem? As far as yeast infections, I wonder if someone in the house has athletes foot, for example, that it could affect a dog's ears somehow. I didn't think of asking the vet that.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the answers. Much appreciated.


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