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Default Pink itchy paws & legs

Can anyone help? My Jack Russell gets very itchy paws and his skin goes a pinkish colour. I have asked about this before with no real remedy. The vet gave him anti histamin which didn't do the trick.

The condition always occours at this time of year (UK August) and may be related to grass, I think.

I'd welcome some suggestions!

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If it's the same time of year each year and alwasy on his paws then you could very well be right - it sounds like it has something to do with grass.

If it is your lawn then you probably know what is blooming there or what kind of insects thre are. If it is some else's then perhaps you could ask.
If you want to prevent it you could try making him wear booties or socks. He probably won't like it but at least it could help you narrow it down.
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As well as the boots suggestion you might want to take him back to the Vet as there are more than one antihistamine which is available to Veterinary Practitioners.

If antihistamines don't work I'm afraid you should go to a veterinary dermatologist who will identify exactly what he's allergic to and prescribe accordingly

Only people who suffer will allergies really appreciate how histamine levels make you feel so he will be feeling pretty rotten. If the skin is pink it could also be slightly inflamed due to histamine release. Please take him back to the vet.

good luck

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Personally, I would not put my dogs on everything a vet suggests and charges you for when we can find more natural treatments. All the durgs and meds you put into your dog goes to the liver, kidneys, etc. Try some remedies passed around dog people for many years. A german lady gave me this for a Shepherd an American sold me of course, West German but junk, she got cronic yeast ear infections, chewed her feet raw from itching and this stopped it and during the winter she was ok, it is grass, lawn treatments, some dog kibbles but I do not feel alot of allergeries come from dog foods as they seem mostly the same junk. Oatmeal is super great for dog treatment also, but temperary as anything is including vets junk they sell.

This Blue Ear Treatment has been around for years; most of the old time vets have used this treatment for years for everything from ears to treating cuts on horse’s legs.

16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol – you will have to dump out about ½ oz so you have enough room for the rest of the ingredients.
4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
16 Drops Gentian Blue Solution 1%
Mix together in alcohol bottle and shake well.
The Boric Acid Powder will settle to the bottom, so you need to shake the bottle each time you use it.

TREATMENT: Gentian Violet stains anything it gets on, so it is best to treat your dog’s ears outside or on sealed surface linoleum. Warm the solution – your dog will thank you.
For the first three days, flood the ears twice a day, rub the dog’s ears and let him shake it out.
On the fourth days, go to once a day. Using 8 to 10 drops, massage the ear then use baby wipes for the excess.
Continue day four treatment for up to two weeks.
You will be amazed at the results and your dog will be happy.
Use 2 to 3 drops every week when you clean ears and they will stay healthy.

Gentian Violet was used for years for Thrust in baby’s mouth and mother breasts. Thrust is a yeast infection. Modern medicine has moved away from this great treatment because of the stain factor, but old time cures are often times the best.

You might have to call a few Pharmacies’ before you find one that has it or will order the Gentian Violet for you. It is an over the counter item. Usually cost less than $2.00. You can find the Boric Acid Powder in the pharmacy area, usually less than $2.00. Isopropyl Alcohol - less than $1.00.

This treatment works if you are consistent in following the program. So many people who have tried it have reported that it has cleared up ear problems they dogs have had for years. Just remember it stains.


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Shep, I don't want to contradict you but some of that stuff is really old hat and wouldn't be used by modern vets at all!

At the end of the day, the dog needs to see a veterinary dermatologist there is never one cure that fits all - that's bad medicine.

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im sorry shep but your advice does not sit well with me...if i am ill i visit the doctor, so if my dog is ill i will visit the vet. they have spent years training in their field and that gives me afraid what you have posted above is nothing more than some old wives potions. far as i know the fungal infection that affects the mouths of infants is called thrush...NOT thrust! Why have you got such a dreadful attitude towards vets? bad experience in the past? i personally would rather trust my vet than a treatment which has not had clinical trials and could potentially do more harm than good.

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Blaters, my Border Collie Ash chewed his paws and the saliva dyed them pinky. It's not as bad as you are describing... but similar issue. I was forced to switch vets and the new one had a recommendation for me. We switched to a more balanced dog food that had an abundance of omega fish oils in it for skin issues. Now, Ashenpaw is 4 and half years old ... we'd done the anti-histamine routine before and all that, and it helped but didn't stop it. On a whim I went and picked up the smallest bag of the food and put him straight on it just for giggles ... no joke: one week later when I washed his paws they were significantly whiter ... still stained, but looking better and his flaky skin was improved. The food that did this was not even sold by the vets, I suggested my folks try it out on their Pom who also has skin issues and in a week he started looking better too.

The food is made by Solid Gold. Word of caution: dog foods do not work across the board, one dog may thrive on a food and the next will have tummy trouble with it. So this may not work, but it's a thought. I would consult your vet on trying to find a well-balanced food to support the dog with allergy issues. After all, wouldn't it be nice to just have your food fix the problem like it did for Ash? Yours sounds more advanced than Ash's is, so it may take more than a diet change, but it might help. Let us know how things work out.
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