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Old 03-17-2008, 04:27 PM   #11
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My case with Calypso was not normal, and we are not sure if her kidney failure had actually worsened when she went down or not, it was hardly the highest concern on our list at the time... but here's what happened with ours. My Sheltie had an odd episode of seizuring back on March 29th, 2007, she was 11 at the time approaching 12 and relatively healthy. They did blood work to see how she was doing and found a number of issues... hypothyroidism being one which explained our fight to get her weight off! But the worst was what my vet called Silent Stage Kidney Failure. Her levels revealed there was a problem but there were no readily viewable symptoms. She was on a solid senior food, and given her age the doc and I agreed rather than chasing things down the inevitable course with her, we'd support her and let it go. So, she stayed on her food, got thyroxine <which did WONDERS for her!>, and went on an antibiotic to keep her kidney's infection free. We went week by week fearing she would be gone some morning... first she made her 12th b-day on May 17th, then through the summer, into the fall, and winter... when Christmas rolled around I almost forgot that we'd ever heard that dreadful words 'kidney failure'.

Then, she collapsed on the step one night after going outside and was suddenly paraplegic. We knew she had arthritis, but had understood it to be in her hips. When we took her to the ER vets they took Xrays to find her arthritis was in her spine <right around where the nerve bundle that controls renal/gastrointestinal functions was>. The gaps between her vertebra were varied and did not look good. But her kidney's did not seem to be functioning well at all. They were not filtering out much of what the vet had put in her and she was unable to void her bladder. We decided at that point to let her go humanely <there was more to it, this is just a summary>.

That was March 9th of this year, she came 20 days from living a year since we discovered her kidney issue without any drastic changes to her life. That impressed us when we stopped to think about it. At her age, that was pretty darn good! With a younger dog, the fight should have better odds for you! I hope that your lab has a good run here on out and also beats the odds.
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I can't add more to the info you already got, but can add my exsperiance.

Be it mine is with a ferret, she had Cronic Kidney Failer (80% gone) she was put on Hills K/D for cats (there is a dog one) and drugs to thin her blood to help it be pumped through. She lived another good year after dianosis, and we then desided to have her PTS.

I would also suggest you see another vet, good luck sending hugs

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Old 03-17-2008, 06:23 PM   #13
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all replies have been great! THANKS!!!
and it gives us much hope!
last Friday - we were resolved to say good bye - but not now
will keep you all posted
if the dog stays well - we will skip the hospital blood replacement/filter
we gave him 3 straight days of high quality food
(he was NEVER on BAD food (pedigree brand high end stuff)- and NEVER had human food till this weekend)
so far, pure liver, brook trout and tomorrow catfish - all things with low phosphates
and some 'expensive' liver and chicken for dogs in a can, and liver treats (like crackers)
I know - high protein makes high phosphates - but as he needs his strength
he had been drinking until Saturday - then stopped
so we placed about 1 inch of water in his bowl with each feeding
and the feeding was reduced in quantity to about 3 tablespoons per meal
about 1 meal every 90 minutes - and since we started this routine - no vomiting !!!
he even drank 2 bowls of water today
and still wants to go out and play fetch and has, for the first time in a week, endured his normal walk routine (about 1/2 mile with our son)
also ordered today some herbal supplements
the only one that not only said would detox - but also help REPAIR the Kidney functions
and no one said that
and even a money back guarantee! can't beat that
and will research Hill K/D food - to see how different than what we have learned
again - will share the results as they happen

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Old 03-17-2008, 06:37 PM   #14
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~huggles to you and your dog~ hope all goes and is well!

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Old 03-22-2008, 11:47 AM   #15
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Buddy Update:

well . . . things looking up
only one day of vomiting
and that was when we tried the dry food again . . . held it down for 2 hours
back to just cans . . . and nothing from the grocery store . . . even the best brands . . . he would only eat a small portion
so ,,, back to all natural stuff (no additives) . . .
only 1/4 can at a time - 4 times a day and some omega 3 oil and
my reasons . . .
all readings said - once lose appetite . . . down hill fast
plus . . .small portion easier for digestion
so small portions kept him hungry for more!

now, after 10 days, and a gradual increase in volume
(now up to 1/2 can 4 times a day)
plus 1/2 pound of either trout or catfish (no phosphates)
2 days - he did not want to drink, so we put some water in with food
now he is back to drinking normal

he is happy, and walking and chasing ball . . .
we also bought some natural herbs type vitamins
he ate one, and refused the rest . . . so we just break them into his food bowl

this week has been just canned liver (for dogs)
will try chicken next week

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