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Default Neosporin OK?

Is there anything wrong with putting Neosporin on a dog??? Reason I ask, sometimes I put it on Puggy if hes scraped himself on his paws or skin. There are some really sharp rocks in the shallow water and he cuts himself. He did it again this morning so I put some on him and of course he starts going licklicklick the way dogs do. And my daughter-in-law immediately starts in with how he is going to get sick from licking it off. I've never seen him get sick in the few years I've put it on him. Do I need to get him some special dog salve that is ok to lick?

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There is nothing wrong with using an antibiotic ointment, like Neosporin or Bacitracin, on a dog, but I agree that it would be better if the dog were not licking up the ointment. I have used Neosporin on my hound, but only for a bad cut, and only under a bandage. For minor scrapes and lick hygromas, that heal best uncovered, I use a dog-safe first aid cream to promote healing, containing bitter apple to inhibit licking. The one I use is called Biocaine, but there are several out there.
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I do not use much on my dogs, but if it is bad enough it will not harm the dog.
In time if he is licking it off all the time, he could get an upset stomach? It is a medication over the counter but I would not allow licking if your using it alot on the dog.
I have saved from owning horses a very heavy yellow thick cream ointment antibiotic called: CORONA. It is hard to get off even when I use soap when I brought it up to clean the jar of it. I do not know in your country if it can be bought in tack horse shops or feed stores that sell grains and things horses eat, they often stock products like this. It is in a yellow and red metal can.

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We use Neosporin and Bacitracin all the time with our working dogs. They are always getting little nicks and scrapes. We've never had a problem and I certainly think it helps the healing process. It's one of the first things we reach for in the first aid kit.

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