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Default Deaf Yorkie going blind, help

hi im new here.i have an 14 year lold yorkie who now has gone completely deaf and partly blind is there anything i can do to help her.

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Sounds like my mum yorkie, she been partly blind and deaf for the last few year. She's nearly 16!

They adapt, I don't think my mum did anything different, damn annoying when your trying to get there attention. I found hitting the floor she will look around!

But she is still the spolit little brat, she has always been

To9 add both stafies are scard stiff of this little thing! they wont even give her eye contact

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Great to have you with us. I'm sorry to hear about your dog's loss of sight & hearing. You'll need to do some supportive care & be mindful that things are likely more frightening to your dog. It is hard to see them aging but with a little extra care (no blocking normal accessways with obstacles, etc.), dogs are generally quite able to adjust. I'd also try to keep the house lit up as much as possible. The extra light will help her get around & see more clearly. Outdoors, I'd make sure she's on leash at all times where she's not protected from dangers.

Has your vet checked your dog's eyes to make sure there aren't any procedures that might help her eyesight?

Good luck. I do hope there are others who have some good suggestions for you as to how to make her more comfortable & more easily able to navigate.
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I've known a couple people that have had surgery done on cataracts successfully, to help improve the eyesight. Might be something to look into. I would only have that done by a specialist-a dog opthamologist. Yes, my first suggestion would be to make an appointment with an opthamologist to see what options are available.

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Hi. Normally I would write more but I'm busting it to get some work done and shouldn't even *be* here.

This thread may be of some help.

I hope all goes well. It's a challenge, especially since she is already deaf, but you do have some history with her so hopefully she will adjust okay. Big things are: don't move the furniture, let her know where you are when coming into the room. I think it's worth considering using any touch signals now with other commands you've taught her in the past. IOW, if you use hand signals to get her to sit, stay, etc. Then combine those hand signals with a touch signal. I touch Ming's nose at the same time I tell him to sit. I place my hand on his chest when I say "stay".

gotta run.

best of luck,

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