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Default Excessive shedding

I have a 1.5 year old st Bernard x poodle mix, who sheds excessively. He she's significantly more than a normal pure bred would. When he was younger, he didn't shed as much but now, if you touch him, you are covered completely where ever contact as made. I'm not sure if there is a deficiency or something health related. He has his hair cut regularly, and brushed. So I'm not sure what else to do. He's wrecking my clothes, vacuum, etc. I put clothes in the wash and they come out covered I'm more hair than they went in with, and the amount of hair has killed my vacuum. I have to lint roller my clothes every morning just to look presentable. That takes 45+ min a day. It's excessive the amount of hair he losses, and he's got the curly poodle coat. He comes to work with me too, and there is hair everywhere. It just floats and falls.... I've had several other dogs and never had an issue.

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I have a St Bernard .
Is his hair dull looking? Have you had him to the vet for blood work?
Could maybe be a thyroid problem

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Welcome to Dog Forum! We tend to like having short haired dogs! ( know that's no help )
Check out the thyroid thing or ask your vet.
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I am not sure if it would be considered dull, he is apricot colored and the poodle coat, so it's hard to tell. He looks and acts completely healthy.

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HI It's probably the mix that's causing it, but get his blood and thyroid checked first And welcome aboard to Df
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Welcome to the forum. Are you sure he has no Siberian Huskie in him. My daughter has two white huskies, and she has to sweep up the dog hair first, and then use the vacuum to puck up the remains. She has given up wearing black and has lint rollers at the house, in her car and in her office. She says every time she gets in a different lighting she finds hairs that she previously missed. Also like your dog, if her dogs brush up against you, they leave a deposit of hair on you. Her dogs have always been like this (they are 7 years old), have yearly checkups at the vets, and are perfectly healthy. However, if you have any concerns, definitely get you dog checked out at the vets.

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