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Old 04-24-2007, 05:02 AM   #1
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Arrow Purebreds VS Cross Breeds VS Mixed

Hello Dog Forum Members!

I thought this would be an interesting general dog discussion.
Cross breeds means two purebreds bred to make a new dog. ie: lab/poodle.
It's three am here, should be in bed lol. What do you perfer out of them?
Whats your thoughts, feelings, etc on these three catagories? (sp?)

I love all dogs, purebreds, cross breeds, mixies. That's Me

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this can be a sensitive topic
thank god everyone here is so civilised.

I own a crossbreed but she is an accident so I call her a mutt.
She is half half shar pei rottie.

Everything is depending on situation..
Here in the states the dogsituation is kind of catastrophic. People want to earn quick money on cute tiny dog mixes without knowing to check health or pick good homes.. BOOOOOOOOO

We would not get any new breeds however if we didnt cross them, but if that should be done I belive that serious genetics should be doing it.

To be honest Im sick and tired of all backyardbreeders, not cause of the dogs but how they suffer due to noone caring for them.

and dont tell me a backyardbreeder cares for his/her dogs cause then the person would know there is already too many dogs out there and dogs with no pedigree or that are breed for no reason is to no help.

So I guess I prefer purebreed, back home in sweden were we maybe have tops a 1000-1500 dogs in need of home it is not that big of an issue. we dont spay we dont neuter, but there is not that many born dogs that is not taken care of. It is rarely a dog get put to sleep for anything else then age or very bad behavioural issues often caused by bad breeding. There you get to pay approx 4000 us dollars for a MIX as long as it is the right mix so people tend to take care of them due to THAT prise.
Here in the states though I do prefer purebreed due to the reason that they should add something to the breed otherwise there is a big risk there is only one other dog on the road.

Then if people mix for a purpouse like husky with some sort of hunting hound (not sure iwch) but it gives the mix a very better endurance but then they use all puppies in work or competetion. They are breed for a purpouse and they know why and how to do it.

To be honest, we need purebreeds so we can predict their behaviour so we dont loose our sniff/working/hunting/companion dogs but I wish humans could take better responsibility for what they let come to this earth so it wouldnt be a scream when a mix was born or that they would not have to suffer.

In the end I dont care what a dog is as long as I am not competeing as long as the dogs not suffer..
Did I make any sence with my tired ramble?? 6 am here and I havent gone to bed yet..
I love dogs cause they do not lie.

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As I am sure every wil Please keep this trhead on a light and friendly note.

Personally I prefer pure breds although I have known loads of wonderful mutts in my time. I will always seek out a well bred dog, most likely another Dobe when the time comes.

Pure breds when bred responsibly have had all the health checks done, temperment testing , so on and so forth. You know the breeder will take the dog back of need be, you can look at both parents and you will have a gaurantee of health and temperment. Breeders that do it right are not in it for the money they are in it for the betterment of the breed.

Crosses are usually BYB whom are in it to make money. They most likely have not done any kind of testing and will not give you any gaurantee. You can not meet both parents on most occasions. I am mostly taking about the " Oodle " crosses and what not. There are other crosses out there but for the most part the oodles are most prevailent.

Mutts ( mixes ) are usually accidents. They are no better or no worse then any other dog. They have the same health problems as pure breds and crosses. They can be very cool because no two are alike but unfortunatly they are the ones that end up being euthanized in the pound or shelters. These are the ones I call the unwanted's. Sad but true.

When it comes to rescues I would rescue within my choosen breed, the Doberman. Jenna is a rescue.

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Old 04-24-2007, 08:43 AM   #4
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I agree with Dobermans. The concern I see in deliberate cross breeds, is that the parents of these crosses alot of times are not clear of their own defects. Other problems come into the mix.
While each one of mine, although the same breed, have different personalities- I would have to say on the whole they think more alike than different to life. I have a good idea of the temperment, the personality, prone behaviors etc, and have found this to be a decission maker in the breed type thats right for me and my lifestyle.

I also like knowing what are the "breed defects" to watch for. Some of these crosses take two different breeds with many defects on the list. Eventhough most "purebreds" were taken from mixing two different breeds, the foundations were well bred dogs going into this new breed. Committed people to making a healthy new breed. Then taking second generation to improve what was missed by again breeding together "healthy" second generation as it continues. ..
I have had several fosters that were heinz 57 varieties. While adored in my heart, behaviors etc occasionally showed up that made me think " where on earth did that come from...". Unless a dog comes in as a foster, dogs live with me their life time. I must admit- I like pure breds- I have a better idea whats in the "mix" as far as basically what to expect etc..

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Old 04-24-2007, 08:48 AM   #5
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Every dog out there is a hybrid of something.... unless y'all got a Wolf or Coyote or Fox... or Dingo... or something.

Everything else is an outbreed, isn't it?

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Interesting topic, and sensitive, too, because we all have our favourite breeds, even when it comes to purebreds. I love most dogs as long as they are not vicious - purebreds or mixed, would play with them and pet them, but would own only a few selected breeds or cross-breeds, and very picky in that department. Even with purebreds I won't own just any breed, and in some cases would take a cross-breed over a purebred any day, depending on what it is.

But on the whole, unless I know exactly what the cross-breed is, and like both breeds, I'd stick with purebreds. Though there are many extremely intelligent, sweet and good-looking mixes, when they are puppies, they all look cute and playful, but if you have no idea what they are going to be like as adults, you don't really know what you are getting into when adopting a mix. And that would be my main concern.

LOL, I was reading a site for a certain breed the other day, where they were strongly pro purebreds, and they had an article about the so-called "designer" breeds, like Poodles crossed with Yorkies, etc. in order to create a totally new breed. People on the site were completely against it, saying that you would pay as much money for a designer breed as for a purebred, but what you are really paying for is a "mutt" (their expression ).

But who really cares what type of a dog you have, as long as you are happy with it, right?

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I totally agree with Bmom and doberman's on this topic!
Although alot of people are for rescues...i would only do rescues for a "cause"! Cause being, saving unwanted dogs from Euthenasia!
Even though their are some purebreds in the shelters you just never know what exactly your getting yourself into!
I like my purebreds and will probably stick with them for my life!
Although most mutts are cute as puppies(what puppy isnt) i prefer the "look" of purebreds and their traits that come with them!(health issues ect. are included) with the traits of a purebred it's pretty easy to manage!
A just dont know what your getting yourself into unless you know each parent...and their backround of other possible dogs that may be "included" into them! Hard to determine health issues and basic traits ect.!
(oh i prolly should state why i change topic a little bit to rescues, because most of the rescues in MY shelter at least, are people wanting to make a quick buck from the "designer breeds" then later find out they dont like what they purchased)

"When Labs give people the look,it is a powerful, mind-altering drug that makes you think you've been personally locked into a soul contract"

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Originally Posted by coco-bean View Post
A just don't know what your getting yourself into unless you know each parent...and their background of other possible dogs that may be "included" into them! Hard to determine health issues and basic traits etc.!
Please call them "mixed breeds"...mutt sounds degrading

Now with regards to your quote coco-bean...that's a given, and despite this fact, I would still adopt a pup from a shelter. Those dogs deserve a good life whether or not they are made from a breed that carries a common disease or disorder in its genes. And a lot of those shelter dogs turn out to be great dogs!! Shelby is proof of that
I adopted Shelby at 8-10 wks of age from a combination no-kill shelter and veterinary clinic...and she has been great! I will adopt again.

She is mostly Border Collie and Australian Shepherd...and though these dogs have some "traits" that people would shy away from...she isn't hyper and crazy as those breeds tend to be. Well, maybe I shouldn't say crazy...but you know what I mean by it...they always have to have something to do! and Shelby doesn't possess that kind of behavior. She can be get excited, she can be calm, she can be in between...what can I say, my Shelby is one special dog

So even though a mixed breed may be made up of certain breeds one would shy away from...that doesn't mean that that dog will have the behavior/traits that are common to those breeds. Every dog is different. To say that you would turn away from a dog that has this or that breed in it, is like being kind of breed prejudice...isn't it? I don't know, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Basically, everyone picks what they like, and they base their choice on many personal preference factors.

I like some purebreds too...but I wouldn't necessarily get one. I like the long haired White German Shepherd...but I'm not going to run out and buy one. When we decide on our next dog, we will either adopt again (which is most likely ), or look into a purebred Shepherd. The decision isn't final yet.
Unless you can afford to buy thousand dollar dogs with guarantees that they don't carry the common diseases of their would have to go with a backyard breeder...and then you risk running into health problems down the road.

We had a purebred Cocker Spaniel when I was a kid...great dog! We also had a Shepherd/Collie mix...great dog! The fact is that all dogs can be matter where they come from, be it mixed, cross (designer breed) or purebred. It all comes down to personal preference. You buy what you like

When I adopt a dog, I feel like I'm doing two things...I'm getting a great dog that I will love its whole life! And I am saving a dog from being euthanized. I love my Mixed Breeds

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We must continue to breed good purebred dogs or puppies for those wanting a healthy pup with guarantees. But, some of my best dogs were from our local shelter or just dropped into our long drive. I had many mixes that were so loyal and friendly and lived to be a good old age. One was Heidi, she was near 18 cross of Shepherd and Beagle I guessed. I got her free for picking up a broken legged pony running an area hurt. She was an awesome girl. We need to continue with good purebreds, but nobody on earth can prevent a gene from slipping through the lines no matter how good they are. This is why we give warrantys, etc. Genetics are so tricky that even Europeans cannot prevent problems and we look up to them for breeding some of the best.

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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The designer dogs have gotten to me since I saw the outrageous pricing on them. CA made it a law or is going to where people who breed them can only charge up to $100 a pup. What really bothers me is people trying to sell these "teacup" and a new one I found is "primo" pups. Just runts of purebred litters they can charge extra for since they're so small. I just think it's wrong making up all these names for these dogs to sell them for an outrageous sum of money. I think they should be called what they are, and that is that. It's not fair to people that don't know any better. Because a lot of people don't know any better.

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