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Default Meet Princes Jewel

I am please to introduce Princess Jewel, or PJ as I often call her. We lost our precious Great Pyrenees, Sir Moose, on Dec. 5, but we had him for 23 months after diagnosis--and at that time he was given 6 months tops. We are so thankful that extra 1 1/2 years we had with him. AT his death I told Jerry no more dogs. I had been losing dogs for 63 years and I just didn't want to ever go thru it gain. I held out for 2 months, and then not having dog hair everywhere, sand tracked in, I gave up and went to the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue page and looked thru the dogs up for adoption and this little lady struck me. It said she would be 10 in July, was dog, cat and kid friendly and was just the sweetest girl ever. It also said she had had two breast removed due to mammary tumors which were benign.

We had already adopted 2 Pyrs form TGPR, so I filled in the application on line, got a call saying no need for that application, which dog was I interested in and I said Jewel. Seems two other people had already shown interest in her. HOWEVER, her story came out. She had belonged to a couple for 9 1/2 years and the woman had her on the show circuit for several years. Then she died. The husband didn't want to let the dogs go (was also an older male Pyr) because his wife had loved them so, but he didn't' want to take the care of them his wife had. He did give them their heart worm prevention and flea & tick stuff, fed them well, but put them in outside kennels and didn't take care of their coats. Then in Dec. he decided to sell his place, get an RV and go do volunteer work at National Parks. The male was 14 and all crippled up with arthritis, so he opted to put him to sleep. But he turned the female into the TGPR because he knew they would find a good home for her.

She was checked out and had to have her fur clipped to a "puppy cut" to get the mats out of her undercoat. Being a show dog, she had never been spayed, so she was spayed at the same the two breast were removed. The foster is a school teacher, so PJ was home alone all day, tho the foster doted on he on weekends and after school. She was with foster 7 weeks I think it was. Anyway, she seemed rather depressed and the head lady of the TGPR foundation (I had talked with her via phone and e-mail with both our other adoptions) felt that because Jerry and I are both home all the time and she would rarely be left along more than for us to go to church or grocery store, etc, that she would be better with us than with others who would have to leave her alone. So we got her on Feb. 17. And it didn't take her long to be right at home--in fact she slept in the bed with us her first night here.
Now she is on the furniture as she pleases, "cleans" dishes in dishwasher if I turn my back while loading, counter surfs, gets into the trash can. It is as if she has been with forever, but 6 days after we got her, things could have been a lot different. Will tell that story also.

These are some of the pictures of her. He fur is still growing in, but is coming in so nice.
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She's beautiful

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very pretty dog!
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