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rott-pei 12-02-2018 03:17 PM

Aggession, fear, potective??
Today I was walking my 40 lb dog with my neighbor's 20 lb dog. We came up a neighbor walking her little Terrier mix. My dog went absolutely crazy. Growling, pulling which set the other dog off to do the same. At the time I had them both by one hand picking up dog poop! I was sliding on sand and gravel trying to control them. Finally I had to throw down the bag of poop, slide off the sand and YANK THEM back to reality on the pavement. I was sooooo pissed after that my mood didn't change for the next few hours. This is NOT like my dog. He is the happiest friendliest dog and loves everyone and every dog. He has met the other little dog before and they've been fine.

What the hell happened? Could he have gone in to 'protective' mode as I was walking my neighbor's dog as well? I can't tell who blinked first although I did hear my dog growl.

I live in an over 55 HOA. The elderly and retired folks complain about everything as they have nothing else to do. I hope I don't get a written letter of complaint.

Any ideas anyone? Throw it out there I'll listen.

techie 12-03-2018 12:58 PM

Don't know! Has either dog seen the little terrier before?

Kyllobernese 12-03-2018 03:35 PM

It could have been because of the other dog, or maybe the little dog did growl first but I would advise you not to walk the two of them or any other dog along with yours until you are sure you can control your dog. It would have gone very badly if either of them had gotten loose.

I don't know how long ago your dog met the little dog but dogs do change over time and quite often do not stay as dog friendly as they get older. Good for you being able to hold onto both dogs.

rott-pei 12-08-2018 06:57 PM

Yes I believe they've met before. Not a problem back then. Wish could figure it out. Thanks, R and B

rott-pei 12-21-2018 03:07 PM

Now that I think about it...........whenever we are with the second dog my 40lb dog tries to pull me to greet the third dog. I pull him back. Could we be seeing leash aggression? Of course once he starts barking and pulling the other dog does the same. Thanks again, R and B

GitaBooks 12-22-2018 08:39 PM

We have six dogs, so I know all too well what pack behavior can do. When one gets excited, the other gets excited, and they build on each other. Whether it was something about the other dog walker, the other dog, or the fact they felt they needed to protect you, being with another dog can make barking and pulling way worse. I've tried walking more than one dog at a time and it can get crazy. : )

We will walk together as a family with the dogs, but in general each person only walks one dog and if another dog approaches than we spread out so we can control them better and they don't build on one anothers excitement. Being on a leash and with another dog are both things that can make dogs get more excited.

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