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Default Training classes

Another member asked me about attending training classes with my pup. I was curious what is done in your class if you go to puppy classes? I feel like it is good for socialization, but far as learning they drag it out. Now these are once a week (5 weeks), but your pup learns sit, come and stay (basics which is good and you can teach what you want at home still) but the next set of class teaches lay down, down / stay, leash walking. Mind you your pup will be about 4 months old at this time (starting class) and learning stuff they could already have learned concurrently with the original stuff. At least that's how I do it so by second set of 5 weeks classed my dog would already know what's being taught.
So imo it's probably nice to do the first for socialization for teach your dog more at home. So what's everyone else opinions and experiences?

Btw my pup at 4 months knows sit, working on stay time (he will do it, but keep it brief, he's rewarded every time though), come and come to his name, leave it, loose lead walking, he knows what down and up means (for getting on or off things), he of course learns other words like most dogs such as asking if he wants a drink or to find his toy, I'm also working on impulse control. When I got him he was almost 3 months and he learned a lot of this rather quickly. He's learned to sit (without command) for his dish, treats, ect. He also knows to go to his crate and doesn't rush out. He can be handled by my pre school daughter and listens to her also. I need to work more I training her though of how to teach him and such, but she loved walking him and working with him.

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There weren't any puppy classes in my town until Petco moved here. Took my Rosie as I just thought she would like it. She was a very mild, easy going pup and really didn't appreciate some of the more aggressive pups. The young girl who was running the class had no control over the class and the "pup moms" were more interested in visiting with each other than working with their pups. Rosie and I lasted for 3 classes and that was all.

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So far we have only recused adults. We went to obedience more to train us
I doubt we will ever adopt a puppy. We are in our late 60s and we need a slower dog lol.
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I think a lot has to do with where you take them and who you work with... there are a lot of "trainers" out there who seem to know less than informed dog owners and whose methods would not be those that I choose to use with my dogs. I would want to observe both a puppy socialization class as well as any following obedience classes before I signed up for anything. There are some pet supply stores here that are far more interested in driving up business for the store than in actual training, and I agree, I think you can do much of what they purport to do on your own and likely with better results.
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