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How in the world do dogs get such sorrowful looks on thier faces when they are disappointed? Jerry has rheumatoid arthritis and his knee was really stiff and hurting this morning. He held on to walls, furniture, et to walk. This meant no walk for Sir Moose. It didn't take Sir Moose long to realized no walk. He eats breakfast after his walk, but with no walk this morning I went ahead and fixed his breakfast. He just looked at his dish-----and WENT OUTSIDE WITH HEAD AND... TAIL DOWN.

He came in a few minutes later and went to Jerry with that hang dog look and Jerry couldn't stand it. He knew he couldn't take Sir Moose for a walk, but could take him for a ride. He does love to ride. Window in back down enough for him to get his nose, but not his head out. We went over two streets and was driving down the street that has not been developed on one side, and just starting to be developed on the other. Sir Moose is sitting on the back seat, nose out the window and suddenly out of the corner of my left eye I saw a very large Great Dane runnin just at the edge of the very narrow road, and Jerry hit his brakes as it cut in front of us; Only then I got a real look--it was a doe. and behid her a buck with a good rack. He got just in front and to the side of the car and stopped and just stood there looking at us.

Oh boy, Sir Moose made sure we knew there was something strange near us. He was up on all 4's, tail curled, ears perked and barking as fast and loud as he could. In a minute or two, the buck went on across and followed the doe into the woods.

We have possums and squirrels and all kinds of birds, and most likely coons come in our yard, but I never expected to see deer two streets over. That street is part of Sir Moose's one route he likes to walk. NOW HE WILL BE LOOKING FOR WHATEVER THOSE CRITTERS WERE ON THAT STREET TODAY! They were a beautiful sight to us.
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I bet they were beautiful. Another Sir Moose adventure. Love it.

P.S. Hope Jerry is feeling better!

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Sir Moose had a wonderful adventure! I hope Jerrys' leg gets to feeling better. Does he do physical therapy with it ?
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