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Default Sir Moose Attacked on his Walk

I swear, if it isn't one thing, it is 10 others. As I have stated, I think hardly a fence was left standing after Hurricane Harvey hit us. For 6 weeks Sir Moose never left the house without being on a leash. Real hassle at night as he HAD to do his Pyr Patrol where he checked out the entire backyard before calling it a night. Walking around that yard at night with leash on one hand, flash light in other, hoping not to stumble over something. But it seems others don't seem to mind if their dogs run free.

This morning Jerry and Sir Moose were on their mourning walk andtwo dogs came rushing snarling and barking. One had charged them a week ago but backed down for some reason. Not so today. He was the first too reached Jerry and Sir Moose and Jerry started beating him with his walking cane. Then the second dog reached Sir Moose, but before he could grab Sir Moose, Sir Moose had him by the scruff of the neck and slung him. He came back at and Sir Moose pulled a repeat.

Meanwhile the owner of dog #1 came out yelling at Jerry to stop beating his dog, he had no right to do that (they were actually even in the street), but the owner of the other dog had also come out to get his dog. He was so apologetic, checking to make sure neither Jerry nor Sir Moose were hurt. Said he had been repairing the gate and the dog had gotten it open and gotten out. He also said the other guy (owner of dog #1) let his dog run free all the time and it had gone after other dogs, but the man will not listen, says his dog wouldn't do that. I don't know if dog #1 was hurt by Jerry hitting it with his cane, but Sir Moose didn't make a mark on dog #2, just slobber on the scruff of his neck, and he had not been able to get hold of Sir Moose.

Jerry said the dogs were both about 50 pound mixes. Sir Moose is only 80 pounds due to his liver disease (use to be 115) and he is 10 years old. But Jerry said you would have never known his age or condition to have watched him today. He has such powerful jaws (have to to take on bears, mountain lines, wolf packs, etc) that he could have bitten thru that dogs neck had he wanted to.

And this is his 2ed close encounter with a loose dog. This story is a bit funny. While we ere working on the fence we had two charism blocking the patio door--which Sir Moose could easily push aside. But we had told him NO and he stayed away from them. He listens exceptionally well for a Pyr. Well, Jerry was working out back and I was on computer and Sir Moose was in bedroom across from our room, watching out the very low front window. Suddenly I herd him growling and go tearing down the hall and I jumped up and ran down the hall to find him with a dog pinned IN OUR DINING ROOM

It was a pit bull, a beautiful white with some large black spots. Sir Moose was actually straddle it, like he was riding it Is hard to describe, but the dog couldn't get away. I made Sir Moose back off and the pit looked at me-a very sweet face, and I made it go outside. He had not acted the least big aggressive and Sir Moose had not hurt him at all. He just knew the dog didn't belong in our house. A couple of days later when Jerry was walking Sir Moose he was talking to a lady that lives some 1/2 miles from here and telling her about it (she goes to our church) and she asked what the dog looked like and Jerry told and she asked if it had a blue collar on and he said yes. He had seen the do when I shooed it out. Judy said she had seen the dog a couple of times and it was all tail wags with everyone. But it had no tags or ID on collar. I hope the owners find it and pen it. Would hate for it to get hit by car and taken by someone wanting to sell it for bait dog, etc. For the life of me I don't understand why owners think tht just bcaue their fence is down they should let their dogs run free. Any number of bad things could happen to them.
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Sir Moose does have some wild experiences. So please at his ability to handle them and is still your all's protector.

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Wow! Some Moose adventures
Some people think it is always somebodys' elses fault when their dogs or kids get in trouble! DUH!
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