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Default Tumor

O)kay, I have told y'all how Sir Moose has been fighting liver disease since Feb. He flat refused to eat the hepatic food, in fact would not even come into the kitchen where his food dish is. He lost interest in everything except his morning walk. He ahs 5 routes and jerry lets him pick which one he wants to go and more often that not he opted for the shortest. I returned the food and started cooking for him.

He is still so very thin, but his interest in life is back. Not only does he carry on conversations with the dogs in the neighboring yards, but on the next street and I think in the next town! More often than not he opts for the longest walk route which is about 1 1/2 miles. And when he thinks it is time for his supper, he comes to the kitchen to watch me fix it. He lays on the floor, watching me, ears perked up and the instant his dish is headed to the feeding mat, he is up and waiting for it. We are not fooling ourselves into thinking his condition is really getting better. He is so thin despite eating a LOT of food. But hopefully it isn't getting worse. I give organic pure milk thistle powder each day--I pay $20 for his and I get the cheap stuff for me!

But over the weekend we noticed a large lump on his rib cage just behind his left leg. At first we thought it was his rib cage, but with checking it out very closely found it was not, it was a large lump. We lost our last 4 dogs to cancer--two to hemangiosarcoma, one to lymphoma and one to gatrolintestional stromal tumor, so naturally we panic.

Got him into the vet this morning and Rickey examed him and said he was pretty sure it was just a fatty tumor, but would draw out cell samples and check them out. He took several samples and no cancer, just a fatty tumor. It doesn't bother him t all, so we will not do anything. You can imagine the relief we felt that Sir Moose would not be fighting cancer as well as liver disease.

Rickey said that watching Sir Moose you would not know he had a thing wrong with him. But we know he does due to how thin he is and remains, the whites of his eyes being yellowish, nd of course the blood works shows it. He will be having blood work in a couple of weeks. We are not getting any vax for him for the present time. Heart worm prevention pills only.

Oh, I mentioned to Rickey today that I had wasted that $99 on that hepatic food and he asked me if I had returned it. I told him yes, I had not wanted it to be wasted and figured they would give it to someone who used it. He said, no, and I would have been given a total refund. I told him I had not known tht, and I had not gotten one. he had the girl check, and sure enough, no refund. SO he had them credit my account for the$99 and I ended up with a$32 credit, and had taken in a check for $100, so I now have a $132 credit. If you are a dependable person, he is more than happen to let you pay each month. I have had as much as $200 credit, and have owed as much as $2300.
He just turned 55 a couple of days ago and been here I guess 25 years. He bought out the practices in this little town and I was one of his first clients. But we actually met before I knew he was the vet, even lived in this town. I don't even remember it, but he does. They had only been here a few days and had gone to the beach in Port Aransas and were on the ferry coming back across and . They were on the outside row and I was standing there at the railing watching and their olde3st boy, about 7, asked me if I had found any good seas (he was talking to me out the window.) I told him I had been picking up fossil shark teeth, and he was all WOW, and I have him several. I don't remember it at all, but Rickey does. And I have thousands of fossil shark teeth I picked up.
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So Glad it was just a fatty tumor. Glad that considering his condition, Sir Moose is doing well. Sounds like you have a really good and compassionate vet.

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This is so nice for Sir Moose. I hope you get some weight back on him.
Your vet sounds like a wonderful caring person!
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Good thing only a fatty tumor, comes with age is what my vet says anyway.

I HAVE BEEN KISSED!! thanks sheplovr
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Thanks Sheplovr

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