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Default "Daddy" was so mean to Sir Moose!

Felt so sorry for Sir Moose this morning. Jerry is up every morning around 6:45, no later than 7:00, and takes Sir Moose for his walk before streets get hot. Even takes him for short walk Sunday mornings before church.

This morning was the monthly Methodist Men's Breakfst. Jerry doesn't always go but planned to go this morning. I never heard him get up and leave, but was woke up a little after 7:00 by the most mournful sounds coming from the front bedroom. Sir Moose was stadning there looking out the window and "crying". Got the story when Jerry got home.

He got dressed and since it was normal walk time, Sir Moose ran down to stand at the frotn door. Jerry didn't have the heart to make him move and leave without him, so "sneaked" out the garage door. It is well known that those floppy things on the side of Great Pyrenees heads are "non functioning listening devices", but I can promise you this--they function just fine when the Pyr wants them to. Sir Moose can hear a spider crawling up the wall! So apparently he was not fooled when Jerry went out the garage door, and he well knows that is another way out . So he ran back to the front bedroom where he could look out and probably saw jerry get in the car and drive off. That set off those mournful crying sounds that woke me up..

I had to get up and go love on him and take him outsdie. As soon as we got back in, he went right backj to that bedroom to look out the window and I went out back to water flowers. Jerry got home about 8:15 and just said "READY" and here came Sir Moose dashing to the front door. Since Jerry was already dressed and it was only 8:15 and we didn't have to leave for church for another 2 hours, he took Moose for a long walk this morning. When we left for church, Sir Moose had had his cooked breakfast and was snoozing away, probably dint' even know we were gone.

But that sopund was so pitiful it was heart breaking. Oh, how we love that big old boy. Amd "daddy" was so mean this morning, sneaking off like that! LOL
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Love the story. It's amazing how they can pull on our heart strings when we change our routine and they think they are being forgotten.

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Rascal crying gets me every time!
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It always makes me laugh how "they" have us so well-trained and know how to pile on the guilt so perfectly!
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