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Default Vaccinate for Lepto?

I had always got all available vaccines for my dogs. But after a friend's dog had an autoimmune disease I thought through that strategy.
I didn't get the leptospirosis vaccine for Loki this year. I didn't get Lyme either. He doesn't have free access to anything but I have to watch him carefully while we're out together to make sure he doesn't eat poop from other animals.
We have a fenced in backyard and he's never off leash anywhere else.
I just wonder what all you guys do about this problem.
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Personally I don't think vaccinations cause autoimmune diseases. If they did I think we would see a lot more. However they could make a process already started worse.
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Originally Posted by FrodoMom View Post
...I didn't get the leptospirosis vaccine for Loki this year. I didn't get Lyme either. . .
Our dogs don't get those either.

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Both Cheynie and Tim are vaccinated for lepto. The vets here tend to keep an eye on environmental issues (ie, rainy this season etc.) and make recommendations accordingly. While most cases of lepto here are spread by wildlife types (and we really only have squirrels and the occasional oppossum here), two years ago my neighbor behind us had a dog that contracted it in their own back yard...
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In 2002 I almost lost my golden Retriever, KayCee to vaccinations. She was 2 1/2 and this was her 2ed set of annuals, as I called them. She had had no problem with puppy vx or her vax the yer before. But withing an hour of those when she was 2 1/2, her eyes were swollen shut, her ears were thick--one huge hive on each. Stomach was fire engine red hive, and worst of all, her temp was almost 107. Was Good Friday and we had been the last ones in.

Got home with intention of going to Good Friday Service at church, but had stayed lat talking to my vet, we were hungry and I started supper instead of us getting ready for church and this probably saved her life. She was acting strange, I went to check on he saw the condition she was in, took her temp, called my vets answering service, gave her two Benadryl (later found I could have doubled that), wrapped her in wet towel and we poured cook, not cold, water over towel while waiting for return called.

Vet's wife called. He had been at church, got the page, called her and told her to call me and tell me to get Kase to the hospital, he was headed straight there. Got there and he had injections ready. We stayed til her temp dropped to 103 and then came home with instructions to keep taking it and if it started to go up, call him at home and get her to hospital. Remember, this is a small town of 4000,he is the only vet, but thank God is is a marvelous one). But by midnight she was back to normal.

It had been her first Lepto and he felt it was the lepto, but opted to no giver her any more vax other than rabies. And even then he bucked the city law. See, Texas law says rabies every 3 years, but they also let each city and each town make their own laws. Say you live in a county that says every year, but you are inside city limits of town that says every 3 years. You get the vax every 3 years. But if you live just outside city limits, you have to get it every year.

At that time both our city and county said every year, but he said he was only going to give it to her every 3 years and if anyone gave me any grief about it, send them him and he would tell them she is not a candidate for yearly rabies vax. And she only got them every 3 years for the rest of her life.

Last year Moose got his vax and his certificate is only good for one year. A couple ofmonths later, Sophie got her's and the city had changed the law to every 3 years, so hers was good for 3 years--same type of vax for both. My vet had argued with the city for years to change to 3 years. He finally won out. We lost Sophie in Oct. Moose was suppose to get his vax a couple of months ago but with his liver disease, I am not going to get it.
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