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Red face New Mother & Puppies (interaction w/father dog)

New mother dog had puppies - 8 days old - father of litter also inside household - won't let father get near them (it has gotten better, now will allow in same room) Will this change? When? 2 weeks - 1 month

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No other dogs should be allowed in the same room with a mother and very young puppies.

Many mother dogs are extremely protective for the first few weeks. If she becomes upset she could very easily step on one of them and hurt or even kill it. And there is a very real possibility the other dog could bring in disease if he's been off the property. There have also been some cases where the other dog mistakes squealing pups as prey and tried to kill them.

When she's ready to wean them she'll become less protective. Then you can carefully introduce them to your other dog.

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He'll just make you feel guilty while you're eating it.

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Welcome to the Dog Forum.

The first two weeks of a litter born, a good mother puts her life ahead of her babies. I never allow anyone person not even family into the litter box or whelp room to carry something to them. I do not upset my mothers even though I knew my seasoned females well, later I left Gino visit to see his babies. He knew they were his and he would want a peek.

After the pups eyes open the ears crack and they start to hear, move about, she relaxes some. When they can walk up on all four legs fairly well, they could be taken out only with the mom for some sun for ten minutes. I have a portable kennel I can set up and slide around to keep them in when it gets nice out. I do put a tarp over the top because of the sun.

I also have a small wade pool I introduce the pups to water and to cool them. They cannot regulate their body temperature for two weeks, when they pant, I dip them in cool water, wet the bellies and head. They learn to love it and seem to know I am helping when hot out. I let them run about only when I am with them to watch carefully nothing happens and the mom is ok with all things.

Give it some time and when she relaxes some as they grow and get strong, you also should start to think of grinding kibble or soaking it over night in warm water. I then add condennsed milk, egg and vitamins and teach the pups to start to eat solids. If you need anything further you can email me or pm me anytime as I am a Breeder for years I have whelped alot of litters and raised a bunch of pups of mine and from Germany. The Best....also, handle the pups as they do smell and get accumsomed to humans hands, let the mom smell that they are ok, do not leave the room just pick one up and keep it near her until she gets used to you doing this. If you do not handle them they are born to fear all things, this helps in the training later.

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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Unhappy New Mom's behavior w/Litter + Father dog

Thank you for your feedback. I hope I have not messed things up. Last night, I brought the new born puppies inside the room with father dog. Mother dog acted ok (but did let the father dog know, DO NOT GET ANY CLOSER).

I will not do that again. I have the puppies back in the orignial place they were born (in basement under steps-w/paper & such) with a heater to keep them warm (betw 72 - 76 degrees) - I waned to bring them up to 2nd floor where it was warmer (from air conditioning). But I will wait for another week? (is that enough) before moving them to another floor or room.

(I feel so dumb about all this - I spend a lot of time with both dogs - all over the house - I was trying to speed it up some) Thanks

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nobody, dog or person goes near the pups except my husband and I until the pups are at least 3 weeks old and the risk of herpes is reduced... I know to many breeders who have lost entire litters of puppies due to this virus and the last thing I want is for another dog to introduce something to my mom and kids.... not to mention that my moms don't want anyone near them or the babies for quite a while... my experience is that it is usually 5-6 weeks before they feel comfortable...

I do allow family dogs to go and see the pups just so they understand what is going on (especially my girls who have had litters as they hear the babies upstairs and they panic that there are babies up there crying, its important for them to see them and they calm down after that... BUT they are not allowed to interact wtih them)

remember daddy dogs are not like humans... they do their thing and thats it... they generally don't want a relationship wiht the pups.... and mom doesn't want them near the pups either...

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