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Originally Posted by CBD Therapy Dogs View Post
Hey folks, I haven't been on this forum in YEARS, I admit... but I came across this when I was sending the recipe to someone last night.

VA Greys - the reason the recipe time "changed" is due to my old 6 quart crock pot. I didn't realize that it was dying. No wonder it was taking 36 hours to cook!! I got a new 7 quart crock pot, which I absolutely LOVE!!!!! and it is taking just the normal 24 hours. Also, it changed to just 1/4 full of water in the pot out of trial and error that I found it still worked with out submurging the chicken.
Jenn, it's great to see you back. Thanks for stopping in! That's really funny about your dying cooker! The ways people have modified your recipe over the years has been really interesting - especially all the variants people have come up with, like the Greytalk denizens. I really like not having it produce quite so much liquid by starting with less. That way, I can start it and just let it go without having to check every so often to avoid overflow.
...I never made this as a whole diet. My dogs do not eat "just this", though I'm sure they would love to. I made this to REPLACE store bought canned dog food, though it did serve as a whole meal source for my 21 yr old Afghan Hound (he was dying of cancer and at that point even the vet agreed, what ever he'll eat, feed it to him but that's a whole other story). When I feed it, I generally mix up 1 cup of this to 4 cups of kibble, depending on the individual dog.
I realize that; however, some versions of your recipe, out there, are advocated by people who do tout it as a complete, nutritionally-balanced food. I think your recipe is great as part of a balanced diet. I used it as the complete diet in a similar situation with one of my Greys - just trying to get her to eat anything with some good protein and carbs in it was better than having her stare at the bowl and not eat a thing.
...An example of what my hounds daily diet is right now, I'll use Tigger, a 111 pound Borzoi:
1 cup (actually 1 mini-muffin loaf) Home Made Canned Food
5 cups kibble
1/4 teaspoon Source Micronutrient Supplment
1 tbl Doc's Blend Hair of the Dog
1 tbl local honey
1 tbl omega 3/6 fatty acid oil

Where as I also have Maverick, a 40 pound Silken Windhound who gets
1 cup (1 mini-muffin loaf) Home Made Canned Food
2 cups kibble
1/8 teaspoon Source
1/2 teaspoon Doc's Blend Hair Of the Dog
1 tsp fatty acid oil
1 tsp local honey
1/2 cup warm chicken broth
I guess Maverick could be my special needs dog... He broke his jaw as a puppy and still has wires in his jaw due to it. It hurts him to eat dry crunchy food, so his food is heavily moisoned, he gets more of the home made food, and he eats it as a "gruel".
Thank you for sharing your meal plans. I think meal plans are really interesting - what people actually feed their dogs.
...The kibble I feed is one that I found worked best for my hounds. I'm a firm believer in that there is no perfect dog food. What works for one dog isn't going to work 100% for all, so I found what works for my guys and stick with it.
Absolutely. Today, we have so many more choices for foods with better ingredients, too. We do the best we can, and part of doing that depends on what the dog is willing to eat.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you around from time to time!
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