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Default Food Allergies

So, I wanted to get some insight from the experts here

When I adopted my two dogs the rescue person said I should just keep them on fish because they do well on it. I read a little about allergies in a book I have and later online. The agreed upon notion seems to be that constant food of only one protein is what causes protein related food allergies. I found some grain free turkey treats so I've been give them those on occasion. Though, they both do get occasional itchy paw. That being said, I think they have been sneaking food from my kid who isn't always the best at keeping things put away and out of reach (not large amounts).

The vet I took them too said they didn't seem to have food allergies and to not worry about it.

I am going to play safe regardless of what the vet said. Has anyone dealt with this before? Did rotating their protein help? They have been on salmon/fish since March so they will probably be due to a protein change soon. They are a little over halfway through their current bag, which is a small 5lb, so I'll need to purchase some more food soon. I have always mixed brands/food sources with prior pets to try and give them a more rounded out nutritional base and I'd like to continue that with these guys if it is a good idea with their allergies.

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I don't think you need to rotate food type on a regular basis. I am not a vet. If you trust your vet just follow what she says.
I think most dog food is made for the owners anyway!
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I agree with Techie, I don't think dogs are like humans, they don't seem to get bored with eating the same thing all the time. They seem to eat for nourishment where as humans tend to eat for pleasure. Not sure I'd be changing their food on a regular basis. I'd talk to the vet and see what they advise as I'm only a dog owner not a vet.

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I too don't think you need to rotate their food. As long as it's a good quality food, they like it, and it doesn't cause them any problems.

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We di change back and forthwith our2. Get duck and potato then beef and vegetable, then back to the duck. Meanwhile I do make them a stew that get 1/3 cup of each nigh with dry food. It is make with a couple of pounds of lean ground turkey, cut up fresh sweet potatoes (about 3 or 4 depending on size) a couple of large apples cut up and a bag of frozen green beans, all cooked together. I someone's throw in some zucchini.

I take out 2 cups (for 3 nights) and freeze the rest in 2 cup containers. Use a container of it, then a can of tuna packed in water the next night, then back to thestew. I put fish oil caps in their foodat night. Sophie at 11 1/2 and with arthritis in her hips, gets 2 Cosquin tabs in morning, 1 at night.
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