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Old 03-05-2009, 04:39 PM   #1
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Default Pork

My friend recently brought her new dog to the vet. She called me and told me that her vet was telling her to never feed her dog pork. I thought this was an odd thing for a vet to say. This is my friend's first dog so I guess the vet was just going through the list of things dogs should not eat - grapes, raisins, chocolate, etc etc. But I can't say I ever heard a warning about pork. I googled this and didn't find too much information. I read everything from: it can cause seizures (but no explanation as to why) and that it can contain a parasite and should be frozen for 3 weeks to kill any potential parasites prior to giving. Is anyone aware of this? The vet said ALL kinds of pork including bacon, Snausage treats (which I know are crappy anyways but I didn't think deadly), pig's ears, etc.

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My tri - colour Jack has skin issues, he had a york test done at vets (blood test) the only thing that came up was a allergy to pork it was very high................never heard of this before but they say sheltie's are common to be allergic to pork.

My sable Sam is ok with pork he has no skin issues but we don't give it to him as Jack can not get it.............if one gets it the other does too, if one can't get it then none of them get it.


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This is all I can find at the moment. There are a lot more references to pork allergy in cats. If I find anything else I'll post it.

Pseudorabies (Aujeszky's Disease)
Pseudorabies is a viral disease that affects primarily swine, but also rodents and infrequently many other animal species including dogs and cats. It is characterized in older swine by a usually inapparent infection and in younger pigs and other animals, including the dog and cat, by an acute, fatal encephalitis.

Mode of Infection
Most animals become infected by direct contact with pigs that are shedding virus in nasal secretions or saliva. Infection can also be by ingestion and inhalation. Dogs and cats usually contract the disease by eating pork.

In: *A Concise Guide to Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Dogs and Cats , Carter*G.R. and Payne*P.A.*(Eds.).

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I think it's an odd thing for a vet to say too. Pork is not one of the best protein sources, but I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid it in treats either.

Here is one of vagreys' posts which has some more info.
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You know it's interesting you should mention this as my dad has always said "don't feed the dogs pork" and i just never have. Although there is info on it as Jake2006 found, i doubt my dad would be aware of this and would normally lead me to think it's an old wives tale, but a vet saying it?????? Now i'm very curious.....

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I tend to think a vet saying this, is the misunderstanding the vet has about trichinosis and the intestines and digestion a canine has. There isn't one person I know of personally who feeds raw who doesn't feed pork. The only thing I am cautious about when feeding pork are the neck bones, they seem to be harder than other meat bones. I also don't feed the pig ears you get at the pet stores. I do feed raw pig ears, along with other piggie parts.

Over the 10 or so years I have fed raw, I have rarely come in contact with a vet who truly understands the raw feeding process. There are some out there though, a gold mine if you can find them.
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I certainly would not feed mine Pork, too fatty and I hate it and would just not feed my good dogs that stuff. Make sure you understood the vet saying that is so. Welcome to the Dog Forum. Hope all works out if that is what you want to feed your dog???

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Question Pork

I would also like to know about Pork ? I have been giving them Pork, so is it bad or good ?DianeF

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Old 03-06-2009, 02:11 PM   #9
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Diane some say it has a risk of a bacteria that can be very risky to dogs but not humans but there are people whov fed pork for years with no probs to thier dogs so dont worry too much there are even dog foods with pork in them as hypo allergenic diets

But if there is a risk this has to be weighed up by each individual before they give it.

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I think the pork is only a problem when it is not entirely cooked. I have never had any problems, and we eat pork quite a lot. The dog joins in as well.
So if you dont give loads and loads, and it is well cooked, it should be fine and your dog will love you for it.

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