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DarrenTheBoxer 04-26-2007 06:34 PM

How old before I can take a puppy running with me?
Hi everyone.

I'm buying a puppy within the next couple weeks. I'm a boxer and run about 3 miles most mornings as part of my training. What I want to know is how long should I wait before taking him running with me? Because obviously I don't wan't to do any harm by making him exercise too hard.

Thanks for any advice


borzoimom 04-26-2007 06:35 PM

what breed and at what age are you getting the dog?

HovawartMom 04-26-2007 06:40 PM

I was told not to take a puppy for real runs until they were 18 mths.I'm talking for large and giant breeds.
A Boxer would be considered a large dog.
As for small to medium dog(BC),not before 12 mths.
At least,that's what the vet told me

borzoimom 04-26-2007 06:45 PM

I am trying to not assume its a boxer at this point, but yes- that is good advice..

sheplovr 04-26-2007 06:55 PM

:D I would never run any breed small or large till at least one year old. Larger breeds to eliminate Hip problems wait even longer. Running on a hard surface being a Boxer by trade it is very hard on joints and ligaments of the dog. Good luck and hope you can wait.

klewlis 04-26-2007 07:01 PM

Puppies have soft bones and joints so you don't want to stress them too much. I have heard 1.5 years, and especially to wait with breeds that are prone to things like hip displacement, etc.

I was told that Sammy was about 1.5 years when I got him, so I started running with him. Now that I know him better I think they were wrong on the age at the shelter--I would say he's closer to a year. However, he enjoys the runs and I just keep them short (nothing over 8k or so).

Also you have to take into account things like hydration and the wear on his pads... check his foot pads after a run to make sure they aren't cut, worn, etc. And make sure he has access to water (though if it's a cool morning 3 miles he should be ok to wait until he gets home!).

Be warned... it's not easy running with a dog! lol

It's easier now that Sammy is a little more trained, and stays at my side, and stops only when I stop... before that he was all over the place, and would run in front of me and nearly trip me, or stop suddenly, or whatever. But the "heel" training has helped a lot!

KatzNK9 04-26-2007 07:18 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum. Great to have you with us! I hope you'll post pics of your pups when he arrives.

You're received some good advice already. The smaller the dog, the earlier you can start & I'd start with the small-medium breeds after 1 year & medium-large breeds at 15-18 months.

skunkstripe 04-26-2007 07:19 PM

Hi Darren and Welcome!
That is great that you do 3 miles every day! Some grown-up dog is going to be very happy to have you as an owner!
Please do post back about age and breed. Some breeds are notorious for it being advised against running with them until their skeletons have reached their full size, for example Labradors.

DarrenTheBoxer 04-26-2007 07:59 PM

Thanks for the quick response everyone!

Ok I'm not 100% sure on the breed yet. It's going to be a either a staffy, a german shepard, or a doberman. Although I could end up going for another boxer as my parents have a boxer and ive spent 6 years with him as a family pet so I do have a soft spot for boxers!

I have just moved out of the parents house and can't take my current running partners with me :-( (the boxer mentioned above and a lab) so I'm buying my own dog.

I was hoping it wouldnt be anywhere near as long as a year! But hey if thats the way it is then thats the way it is!


sheplovrRunning on a hard surface being a Boxer by trade it is very hard on joints and ligaments of the dog.
Yes I run on hard tarmac but its a path way with grass to either side so the dog will most probably run on the grass off the leader, thats what my other 2 used to do anyways.

BratBoxers 04-26-2007 08:01 PM

I usually suggest no road work before 18 months. Only yard play and a bit treadmill.

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