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Old 07-16-2011, 04:05 PM   #1
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Default Scary time at Agility trial

On Friday evening about five o'clock, Remmy had his first class, an Advanced Snooker. The weather was overcast and not hot out. He finished the class and as I was walking him back to the camper, he suddenly dropped and went all stiff, he had a seizure.

There was a Vet right there and she took him into a travel trailer nearby and said to keep him really quiet. His eyes were fixed and he never blinked. His heart rate was 200. Gradually you could see him start to relax and he finally blinked his eyes. It took him a good half hour to sort of get back to normal.

I scratched both Remmy and Kiska out of their classes for the rest of the weekend and as it was too late to drive home that night, I came home Saturday morning. Also, made me feel better knowing there was a Vet a few feet away. I took him for a short walk about two hours after it happened and he was right back to normal but was quite happy to sleep all night and all the way home and he is sleeping by the computer right now.

There was no way of knowing what caused it so it is now a wait and see if it will happen again.

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OMG! My thoughts and prayers go out to Remmy. I hope he will be ok. Please keep us updated.

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How awful! I hope it doesn't happen again. I am also very glad there was a vet right there too. To help both you and Remmy!
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Wow! Hope it was just an isolated incident and doesn't continue to happen. Glad things are alright for now. I remember Mya's first seizure was really alarming! Later she was diagnosed with epilepsy after a series of seizures. since she went on Pheno we haven't seen any major ones. Here's hoping it was a one and only!
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Very scary. I saw the same thing happen at an agility trial to a dog that wasn't entered but was there with it's owner and her other dogs. Lots of vets do agility, so there's always one or more at any show. I'm glad one was right there to help. I hope it was an isolated incident and will not happen again. Let us know how Remy does.
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Wow I would have been terrified!
Our cockapoo had two seizures in her lifetime... they were both brought on by some sort of stress.
The first time was a few minutes after a great dane basically ran her over at full speed. He didn't mean to hurt her, he just wanted to play... great dane style.

The second time she got into a little tiff with our dog boob.
It was scary I really freaked out but I was younger when it happened.

I hope that is the one and only seizure for him. <3

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Oh my, I really hope Remmy is feeling better. It must have been so scary. Hugs to you both.
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Thanx sheplovr & JGLI

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