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Default Too much exercise?

I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. My dog and I are (were) very active. We went for frequent walks in the woods, trips to the dog park, and agility classes. She loved to run and run and run.

I noticed a slight limp after much of the activity sessions. Long story short, almost 2 years later, after multiple x-rays and an MRI, we were told that one of her muscles was too big and pinching another muscle, especially after exercise. Basically she had to have a rotator cuff repair and is now recovering. They found a bone spur indicating long term inflammation.

The thing is, I never heard about this kind of injury from too much exercise. I've heard of torn acl's or the like. I thought I was doing a good thing for my dog. They said it was a common injury for active dogs, but if it is so common, how come i hadn't heard of it before?

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem before.
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I have never heard of a muscle too big, not int he dog world but I am not surprised that it happened. It sounds plausible..

What I am thinking (this is theory only you can ask ur dr about how it occurs)
it could have started as easily as he got pain somewhere, he made up for it by leaning on one side making one muscles tronger and once they get used to something like that they might stick to it as well.. which means it kept growing cause continus use and he didnt levelt he body out and voila.. Id say though ask the Dr about how often it happens. Hopefully he's back to normal self soon and can exercise again..

I exercise al my dogs a lot and never had this issue.. Knock wood!
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It is very common for people athletes to get long term injuries like this from too much of the same exercise. Like if you play only hockey as a kid, one of the muscles in each leg is oversized compared with its opposite, and you end up duckfooted, which leads to various bad things. Usually lots of different types of exercise (which sounds like what you are doing with your dog) avoids this problem.

Like Monkey said, probably there was some small injury, which your dog compensated for by favoring one muscle too much, then never got back to walking/running totally normally. I walk with my right foot out too far, because I sprained it so many times, then didn't use crutches while I was recovering 15 years ago.

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