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Default Exercise Question

How long of a walk is suitable for a 4-1/2 month old pup?
I'm not too sure how long of a walk is too much or too little. Somedays he wants to go longer, while other days he wants nothing of it.

Does it depend on breed or is that a myth?

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Hi Ivy - it does depend on the breed, with Tynan you'll need to be extra careful as the giant breeds are the slowest to mature and most prone to developing problems with their bones if they are over exercised - labs too I believe need to be carefully exercised until they are mature and with the combo of 2 breeds prone to HD etc, I would be very wary.

I wouldn't be walking him for more than about 20 minutes at a time for now, which you can build up as he gets older but that doesn't mean he can't run and play at his own pace at home or in a safe park. From what I understand, if the pup is playing on soft ground like grass they can self-regulate to a certain extent.

I'm not sure how much exercise they need to do damage, but as he's still quite young and will have a lot of growing to do, if I were you I would err on the side of caution.

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What Mel said, I did exercise my flatcoat quite a bit, but ALWAYS off leash and he came out HD free. However with such a big dog, Id be careful, but off leash playing at home is different, its the thing being ON leash and concrete grounds etc that is the big danger.
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The rule of thumb is to walk a dog for around 5 minutes per 4 weeks of its age. So a 12-week-old pup may only need around 15 minutes of exercise, while a 20-week-old may be happier with 25 or so minutes of exercise.

However, these are only rough guidelines, as it also depends on how much playing your puppy gets at home. If you are playing with your puppy a lot, then you may need less exercise.

And bear in mind that if your puppy seems to be lagging behind you and you need to drag it on its lead, then it is getting too tired. Too much walking can damage its bone growth - so be careful!

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Well I went from owning a German Shepherd to a Belgian Malinois. Mals are Shepherds with no off button lol. Now at 4.5 months old if I didnt let my Malinois run for at least an hour on grass I was in big trouble. Now when my Shepherd was 4.5 months old he was content to a couple of ball throws then the couch he went. I have a friend whos Golden Retriever can go 24 hours a day and never get tired. This is why im not a fan of that breed lol. Beautiful dogs, but not for me. Then I have met other Retrievers who dont want to run at all.

My 10 year old poodle mix at 4 months could go for about 15 minutes, no she could go for hours. It really all depends on the dog to be honest. If the dog is eating a balanced diet I dont worry too much about bones and joints unless the dog is excersising on concrete. I prefer to let them run on grass.

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Giant breeds shouldn't be walked excessively as stated above, it can damage the growing growth plates & joints. They should also be grown slowly, not overfed to become overweight.

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I think i want to be dog are walk 15 minutes in the every day. so it become very healthy. some people are says that long walking distance are good and some says that it is harmful.

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