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Default Walkies in the morning!

I was wondering if anyone could help me. i have a JR X Yorkie, who is v v v v hyper, except 4 the mornings! she is a real teenager type who wants to lie in till bout 9 lol. trouble is i go to work at about 8-15 and need to walk her before I go! Normally i say walkies and she is jumping around like a looni! But in the mornings she looks at me as if to say yeah right! I i take her anyway and end up having to drag her round a walk (lierally drag her round!) and sometimes she doesnt even go to the toilet then i come home and she's either deperate or had a little accident! ive tried going different ways, different times of my morning routine and she just cant be bothered! Anyone else have this or know how i could liven her up in the mornings?

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Do you have a park or field nearby. If so have you tried taking some toys?

I take scruff for a walk at 6 every morning and because I am going to work I make it a mission to tire him out.

So we have a special ring and ball for when he goes walking. This way he won't get bored of them.

We take the 15 minute walk to the park and then for a bout half an hour he is running round like a mad dog. I throw the ball, he bring it back, drops it, I give a treat and throw the ring and then the same again.

Seeing his toys really wake him up once we get to the park and he's like a rocket! Now he's learnt that if he grabs the ring first and puts it to the back of his mouth he can grab his ball too. Then it's a case of chasing him round the park. We've had to put it on hold as he has been catching his dew claw when applying the brakes so I've been giving that time to heal.

What I find funny is I can put his toys into a plastic bag when we've finished and it's as though they have disappeared. He hasn't got his head round the fact that they are still there, just in a bag. He must think I'm David Copperfield!!!!

But when we get home he goes straight to his basket and is ready for some shut eye.

So maybe toys will wake her up.

Good luck
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