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retriever crazy 09-02-2006 09:55 AM

Friendly dog agility problems
So at agility class with lilly she is very friendly dog... as muchs she loves to do agility she gets destacted by ppl and my parents. she will do like 5 things ( a-frame, jumps, tunnel, chute etc ) then she will start looking for my mom and dad. they have tried hiding from her but then she takes off and looks for them. so that doesnt help much cause then i need to run after her. i use a tennis ball the get her attension which helps alot of the time. what my parent do is NOT look at her and ignor her but she still runs over to them. and sometimes when they arent there then she has to say 'hi' to the ppl watching ( she is such a showoff )... and she also knows the sound of our car and truck so if they do leave she runs after what can i or my parents do to help her eyes on the course. i have heard that golden retrievers can sometimes be hard to train in class cause they are so friendly. and also she doesnt do to well with treats and does better with a tennis ball. my teachers said that when a dog runs off during agility it mean that she isnt interested in the handler.. another thing i might add is that lilly is off leash with agility ( she is a fast dog when she wants to be and works better off )...she has been in agility for two years and it has gotten much better.. maybe it has to do with age or something but lilly is three.. any help would be nice, thanks

HovawartMom 09-02-2006 11:14 AM

sorry,i can't help you cos i do flyball and my golden is the most focused dog,i've ever owned.I'm sure someone will be able to help you

sheplovr 09-02-2006 02:19 PM

All I can say is the hungting breed has a great nose and once it is set and bonded to so many it might be hard to compete in this because of the problem. How sad for some do so well, but she also loves your parents as much as you and has dead set heart on them as well, so maybe one of them try what your doing in the class. Change over and see how she does, they can learn as well? Worth a try.

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