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Default Forum Director Nominations - your chance to help select the newest forum leader

“Forum Director”?
Forum Directors are an essential new addition to At this time, the Forum Directors will work with the Community Director and admin to monitor the day to day activities of the site and will have a hand in determining the direction the site will grow in the future.

Although we are only looking for one exceptional individual to fill the opening at this time, we will add more Forum Directors as the site continues to grow and thrive. Each Forum Director will be responsible for management of one or more areas of the site.

Your role in the process
We need your help to decide on a list of quality members to consider for this role.

Before you make your nomination(s), please read the following to ensure the person you nominate is right for the job

What it takes to be a Forum Director
- Excellent written communication skills
- Great people skills
- A helping demeanor
- A lifelong passion for everything related to dogs
- Expertise in a wide variety of areas covered by the individual forums on this site
- Perspective, vision, character
- An active presence on the forum (ideally 5+ days per week)
- Patience and persistence
- A thick skin
- Dedication to the site and the love of dogs
- Proactive yet cautious approach

The role of the Forum Director
- To ensure visitors and members have the best experience possible at
- To ensure contains high quality, helpful information
- To uphold the rules/TOS/values of the community
- To stimulate participation and growth
- To be a staple within the community through routine and consistent presence
- To maintain the upkeep and appearance of
- Work with the Community Director and admin on a variety of projects

Pay (or lack thereof)
Officially this is a volunteer (no pay) position. However the new Director will receive:
- A great opportunity to guide elements of a rapidly growing dog enthusiast community
- Other small perks over the course of time

Who can be nominated?
- Any member may be nominated
- We encourage people to nominate themselves if they feel they meet the qualifications

How to submit your nominations
- Please submit your nominations VIA PM to me with the title of "Director Nominations"

What to include
1) Who you would like to nominate
2) Why you feel that they are right for the job

- Request for nominations will end one week from today (July 6, 2006)
- Within one week from that point, the new Forum Director will be chosen (July 13, 2006)

We thank everyone in advance for their interest in being a Forum Director. The size and growth of the site require the addition of only one Forum Director at this time. Please do not take offense in any way if you are not selected. This position will be extremely demanding but ultimately very rewarding to the successful candidate. We will definitely be adding more Forum Directors in the future, so there will be more opportunities to take a leadership role in this forum.
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