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Question Which breed of dog would you breed?

Hey ya'll, well, this isn't a big "informational" thread, just a kinda post your opinion thread I guess LOL So, I was wondering, think of a breed you would'nt mind breeding, if you became a dog breeder. And explain y u would pick that breed,and tel us about it.[/FONT]

U know, for loving shelties soooo much, those wouldn't be the dogs I would want to breed, I mean, I would pick them 2nd, but my 1st chioce would be an Ibizan Hound {here is a pic.}
Hope it comes out, I love everything about them, I'm crazy for big short haired dog breeds!! And their temperment is wonderful too. They love being around family,very protective,kind,sweet,and polite as well .Perfect dogs! Oh and the cutest thing,.....they blush when they get embaressed Awwwwwww

Plz reply, love 2 hear from ya!
I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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