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Thanks for the quick response everyone!

Ok I'm not 100% sure on the breed yet. It's going to be a either a staffy, a german shepard, or a doberman. Although I could end up going for another boxer as my parents have a boxer and ive spent 6 years with him as a family pet so I do have a soft spot for boxers!

I have just moved out of the parents house and can't take my current running partners with me :-( (the boxer mentioned above and a lab) so I'm buying my own dog.

I was hoping it wouldnt be anywhere near as long as a year! But hey if thats the way it is then thats the way it is!

sheplovrRunning on a hard surface being a Boxer by trade it is very hard on joints and ligaments of the dog.
Yes I run on hard tarmac but its a path way with grass to either side so the dog will most probably run on the grass off the leader, thats what my other 2 used to do anyways.

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