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Puppies have soft bones and joints so you don't want to stress them too much. I have heard 1.5 years, and especially to wait with breeds that are prone to things like hip displacement, etc.

I was told that Sammy was about 1.5 years when I got him, so I started running with him. Now that I know him better I think they were wrong on the age at the shelter--I would say he's closer to a year. However, he enjoys the runs and I just keep them short (nothing over 8k or so).

Also you have to take into account things like hydration and the wear on his pads... check his foot pads after a run to make sure they aren't cut, worn, etc. And make sure he has access to water (though if it's a cool morning 3 miles he should be ok to wait until he gets home!).

Be warned... it's not easy running with a dog! lol

It's easier now that Sammy is a little more trained, and stays at my side, and stops only when I stop... before that he was all over the place, and would run in front of me and nearly trip me, or stop suddenly, or whatever. But the "heel" training has helped a lot!

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