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Default It's My Birthday! Let's Party!

It is hard to believe but today is already Ozzy's 1st Birthday! We're having a party tonight (hope to be able to get him to sit still with a birthday hat ... will try for photos later). I baked him some Carob Chip Cookies for his party tonight (they smell dreadful, but he loved them). We got all his birthday toys & treats at the pet stores yesterday.

This morning started with big birthday bone! Yummy! Then, we went for a ride in the car to the MILKBONE MACHINE ... yes, it is true ... A DRIVE THRU MILKBONE MACHINE. One of Ozzy's favorite places to go is the drive thru bank as they always put a milkbone in the tube when they send out my deposit slip. He can hardly wait until I open it & he sticks his nose right in there to retrieve the goods.

Then, we returned a movie to the Blockbuster store. I hold the drop box door open & Ozzy has learned to put the movie in the slot. Much to the amusement of the clerks inside the store & today, he got to come inside for some birthday hugs. Woohooo ... today has already been fun.

We got home & I guess he needed some veg time ... here he is on the sofa taking a quick breather from today's festivities.

A little later, we'll go for a long walk to work up an appetite for tonight's goodies. Ozzy's favorite dinner ... roast chicken ... some carob cookies ... and no telling what else he'll get. (Again, I'll TRY to get some pics with him in his hat but will wait till Ozzy's daddy gets home from work for that one).

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