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Did someone call me? Did I mention that one of Zircon's several nicknames is "Stinky"?

I have had no choice but to learn more about removing skunk stink than I ever wanted to know. Little Stinky has been known to break up a perfectly nice summer barbecue by getting into an altercation with one of my "relatives" in the woods. Clears out a party pretty fast. So here is what I have learned.

1) Locate the exact spot or spots on your dog's fur where the skunk sprayed. The last thing you want to to is smear it around. Also, the spray tends to be on TOP of the fur so avoid massaging it deep into the skin. Whatever remedy you apply, wipe it along the fur like you are smoothing it down instead of doing something like a scalp massage when you are shampooing.

2) I first take a dilute vinegar solution. The acid helps break down the oil (actually this is the reason why tomato juice is recommended, it is a dilute form of acid, although I suppose you could also use Coca-cola or lemon juice) I wet a washcloth and wipe the area several times, don't soak, you don't want the skunk oil to seep down to you dog's skin. Then pat dry with a towel.

3) The next step is to use the hydrogen peroxide / baking soda / soap mixture. Again, wipe it onto the top of the fur and leave it there for as long as your dog will put up with it. This mixture might lighten the fur a tad. Wipe off and pat dry with a towel.

4) After THAT we get a plain ol' shampoo. I use a mild oatmeal base.

5) Then I use a product called "skunk-off" that has an enzyme that helps break down whatever is left.

Even after all this they will still stink for weeks, especially when they get wet.

But you gotta love skunks. They can't run fast, they don't have sharp teeth or claws, but don't get on their wrong side!
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