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Originally Posted by skunkstripe View Post
I hope it is ok to add something here. Sometimes it can be helpful to give a command when the dog is already doing what you want him to do. You can reinforce the "come" command by playing chase. The key is, instead of trying to chase your dog (which won't work because they can run much faster), get hims to chase you. If you are in a large enough area that is safe, run AWAY from your dog and call his name. If he is a normal dog, he will join in the game and chase after you. That is a good time to say "come" since he will now associate something fun (playing chase) with running towards you when you say "come".
What a GREAT idea. I think I'll try this next time Max plays with his buddy. He does have a really good recall (about 90% now), but this will be a fun way to further strengthen it.
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