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Default How to: Feed RAW

Many people these days are looking for alternatives to feeding commerical dog foods. Most commerical dogs foods have many harmful chemicals used as additives and used in the cooking process that can cause various health issues to your dog, in addition many dogs are allergic to grains and yeast products these are common fillers used in lower to medium grade commerical foods.

Dogs were never meant to eat cooked foods( can you see a horse eating just canned foods or pelleted horse feeds ? ). A natural diet for a dog is RAW. Dogs lived for centuries eating RAW and it has only been the last 50-60 years we have been feeding commerical dog foods. In this time we have seen an increase in the amounts of cancers and other signifcant diseases. RAW feeders report healthier dogs, decreases in arthritis, skin disease, no more doggy odour and they live longer.

Starting a dog on a new raw diet:

There will be what is called a detox period that most dogs whom have been eating a commerical food diet will go through. After your dog starts eating RAW, his/her body will detoxify because they now have the nutrients to build healthy systems and no longer will have the need to suppress disease. You will notice it more with some dogs than with others. Detoxification can start immediately or it may take days, weeks or months before the animal's body is healthy enough to detoxify. Usually the body will detoxify through areas that are already diseased. For instance, dogs who have skin problems will detoxify through the skin. The itching and body odors sometimes get worse at first because the system initially heals internally and releases the toxins or poisons through the skin. I wish I could tell you how long it will take but every dog is different, you may not see any detox and others could last for weeks to months, typically it lasts 6-8 weeks. At least dogs on RAW will continue to get healthier as time progresses.

Sometimes detoxification comes in the form of loose stools for a few days or even weeks. The stools have the consistency of mashed potatoes. That is a cleansing. If your animal has diarrhea, which is the consistency of water, this is a whole different matter and you have something going on besides detoxification. Do not confuse the two. Your dog's urine may have a strong odor for a few days. Again, this is a cleansing. As your animal gets healthier you will notice more urine and your animal will urinate for a longer period of time at each urination, which is a very healthy sign. There are other signs as well but these are the most common.

It's not uncommon at all for dogs new to the diet to have trouble digesting the new bones. Sometimes they might vomit them up (and then continue to eat what they've just regurgitated) and sometimes some of the bone might pass through in the stool. This is purely related to NOT chewing properly or because the body is not used to digesting raw foods. Adding a digestive enzyme during the transitional phase would be most beneficial in cases like this. Of course, if it really does worry you that much, you can always go for giving larger bones or by grinding in the beginning and then maybe work your dog up to eating bones. By the time he's used to digesting the ground bones, he should be able to handle the whole bones with no issues.

RAW feeding takes time and dedication. It is not for everyone; you must do your research first . A very good book to purchase and read through is " Give Your Dog a Bone ". You should be able to find this at most of the on-line bookstores. It was a real eye opener for me and has helped me immensely.

Here is what I feed:

Raw Chicken, Beef, wild game, bison, goat, pork on very rare occasions, fish and organ meat excluding kidney.

I feed veggies and fruit puree'd ( you must puree veggies and fruit to unlock the goodness dogs can not digest un-puree'd fruits and veggies ) I put all my vegtables through a juicer then a blender and make about 30 days at a time and freeze it. You can use most vegtable and fruits. Never use grapes they are toxic to dogs as well as raisins. Some grocery stores will sell you their cast off veggies and fruit that are over ripe or just starting to turn. I use to be able to find it but can not anymore. It cost me 5.00 a box and usually weighted about 30 LBs so I had lots to make but it was much less then buying all the stuff from the shelf. I no longer have the option here the stores will not sell me this, but you maybe able to find a store in your area that will.

I also supplement with Acadian sea Kelp( vit E, trace iodine, etc ), Brewers yeast ( Vit B ), Cod liver oil( vit A ), milled flax seed ( vit E and omegas) or flax oil capsules , Q10, Omeaga 3,6,9, Salmon oil, Glucosamine and chondriotin with MSM.

Some vitamins can be toxic if given too often, so please research this part well before you start supplementing. Vitamin A in high doses can become toxic so only supplement Cid liver oil in the weeks you do not feed liver or only once to twice a week. Fish oils all contain some Vit A so be careful.

I add oils- Sunflower, Canola, Olive and corn. Not all at once but I alternate and I give them nearly everyday but not everyday, say 4-5 times a week.

I also use Colostrum to boost my hypo thryriod dogs immune system but you can also use it for any dog, it is very benefical and healthy.

It is important to understand that you do not need to perfectly balance out the meals. Balanced meals day in and day out are actually not benefical and can cause more health issues then eliminate. No animal was built to eat a perfectly balanced meal day in and day out.

The amounts to feed vary from dog to dog depending on size, weight and activity level of the dog. If your dog is very active you would feed more if not so active less and so on and so forth. For my dogs ( 65-80 lbs ) they get about 1-2 lbs of meat a day along with 1-2 cups of puree'd veggies and fruit along with the supplement I give. I tinker with it the amountsof foods all the time. If the dogs have a good day of exercise they get more, if a less active day they get less.

On average I spend probably about the same as a good quality commerical food. You need to shop around for your meats. I feed chicken as a base and alertnate with other meats. I buy my chcicken froma f processor and pay much less for it then at the grocery store. The reason for this is it is the chicken they can not sell to the public, there is nothing wrong with it other then it being bruised that makes no difference to the dogs. You can find processors in your area most likely, call around. I try to go to the smaller processors and slaughter facilities as they are the ones most likely to sell to me, not all will sell to you. You can also buy the premade raw dogs foods but only buy the meat & crushed bones, the reason I say this is you have no control over the ready to eat add nothing stuff, it defeats the purpose, so you might as well go back to feeding the bagged.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind I am no expert and these are all things I have learnt along the way from reading books, researching and talking to my Vets. But my Vets have all said how healthy my dogs are and how good they look. I need only to hold them up as shining example's to why this diet works for my dogs.

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