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Try associating the noise with and extra special treat. Keep something that can be designated as the "noise" treat. I don't like to reccomend people food for dogs, but I think this can be an exception to that! So,keep a piece of cooked chicken, or cheese, or doggy jerky at hand, set the timer, and be right next to your dog. When the timer goes off, stick the chicken right in his nose immediately. You want the dog to think: Every time that noise happens, I get a yummy extra special treat! Yippee! You can practice this a few times in a row each day. In the meantime, when you are not practicing, whenever you set the timer, get a piece of chicken ready. That way you can immediately run to him and give him the chicken at any time, not just when you are practicing.

When he starts running to you for his "stove timer treat" is when you start fading the treat. You don't want to spend the rest of your life running to your dog with a treat. So, when you are confident he is comfortable with the noise, start withholding the treat every now and then reducing the frequency of the treat over a period of time until you are sure your dog is over the fear of that noise. Intermediate rewarding is the strongest kind of reinforcement...that's how Vega makes money. Now, if your dog is psycho crazy when he hears the noise, this type of training may not work. A different protocol would be better.

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