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Default Our last trial till November

The weekend of the 1st, I went to the trial with Bonnie and Lucy. They both ran well but no Q's. This past weekend I went with my sister and our friend and we had a great time.

Unfortunately it was at the same site where Bonnie got attacked. She was fine the weekend before at a new site and I never though she would remember but she did. She was very cautious in the ring, looking around constantly for dangerous dogs. On the Sunday the course was a series of four jumps down the far side of the ring so I just took her toy in and played with her over the jumps, then finished. I did not want to take her to the other end of the ring where she was so nervous. It makes me so mad as before that happened she was bravely doing everything I asked of her in the ring, now it is going to be a lot of training to get her over it. I am not taking her to the November trial as it is an indoor trial so lots of dogs in a more confined space and might make her more scared. Time enough next year.

Lucy's last chance to get her Advanced Jumpers, I was determined to run under time but got running so fast I forgot to slow down for a tricky entry into the tunnel and Lucy went in the wrong end but we ran well under time as was beginning to wonder if I could. We all had a good weekend.

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