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Actually the reverse has happened with Gypsy. She is friendly with everyone when I have her away from home but unfortunately because Izzy shies away when anyone comes (like the meter reader) Gypsy is starting to shy away too. When she knows the person, like my sister and brother-in-law, Gypsy greets them with a great big grin showing all her teeth. As I never know when the meter reader is coming, I can't always have the dogs inside. The next time I am home when she comes, I will put a leash on Gypsy and get her to give her some treats and see if that helps. Luckily she is the only stranger that comes unexpectedly.

I am getting new shingles on my roof next month so will there will be some strangers around so I will make sure her and Izzy are not out together, and will let Gypsy meet them and have her with Bonnie who is fine with everyone.

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