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Default Bonnie home from trial

Bonnie's Agility trial started out great. She was really happy and in her class on Saturday she faced her first ascending jump and a spread jump and did both perfectly. Till then she had only been jumping over one bar jumps. She went a little off course at times but did every obstacle, even did the six weave poles which are still a work in progress.

Sunday was a different story. Her class came up and the first dog was a German Shepherd, the same one that attacked her as a young dog. I was the third dog in and had to go to the far side of the ring where you entered. The Shepherd was part way through his run and I headed over. I was about half way over there when I heard the owner of the Shepherd yell really loud, the dogs name and NO! I knew immediately that his dog was coming for us. I kept heading in the same direction and luckily enough the dog was so focused on Bonnie that he ran into the rope around the ring, tripped and fell which gave the owner time to grab him so no damage done except now Bonnie is scared of everything again as she saw him coming. He has had a problem before going after dogs so no way of knowing if he recognized her or just saw a victim. He told the officials that his dog had seen her and was just going over to play with her as he had played with her before. That was a total lie as I have made a point of keeping her well away from him and never went into the arena we train in if he was there. Also it was very evident to all the doggy people that saw it, that it was not the dogs' intention to play.

It is the only trial around that does not use snow fencing around the rings and if they had, he would have just jumped it and not gotten stopped by getting tangled in the rope. I think they will finally ban him which is probably a good thing as it is not the first time he has done this. I know that club will not let him enter again.

I went ahead and ran her, the judge let me go back and forth through the tunnel and then make it as much fun for her as I could. I am not going to do anything with her for a couple of weeks and hope she gets over it alright.

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