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Default Today was Canada Day

Every year I take one of my dogs to Canada Day. This year it was Gypsy's turn. It is a great outing for them, lots of people and a lot of them bring their dogs. There is entertainment, games for the kids and lots of booths selling things.

Gypsy met lots of people and of course, a lot wanted to know what she was. I had to keep explaining she was 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Golden Retriever but because of an Australian Shepherd way back in her grandfather's pedigree she turned out merle colored like her mother. She was very well behaved and greeted everyone by sitting. She is seven months old on the 8th of July.

I met my first Munsterlander, a beautiful black and white dog used for bird hunting. There are very few of them in Canada. Also, met my first Kelpie, a merle and white dog. I know they are not that rare in some areas, but the first I have seen around here.

Happy Fourth of July to those who live in the States.

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