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Default "Same ole' Song and Dance My Friend" (Pulling)

I have gone through this before and we have made much progress. However, there are days when he just explodes with excitement. This morning I walked my neighbor's dog as well and it was a pulling match between the two. My dog wanted to play, her dog wanted to pull and walk ahead of me as her owner always allows. They both start to sniff in different directions and I'm split in two! How do I stop that? I walk them both close to my side but the are pulling a good part of the time. My shoulders ache. Once we get in to a walking mode they are much better. My dog by himself is much better.

There are days when I spend our walk stopping, redirecting and stopping again.
A 30-min walk takes an hour.

Tomorrow I'm going to make him sit and tie his lease around her fence while I get her dog hooked up. Same when I get back. Any suggestions?

Thx, R and B the K9
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