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Default Bonnie's first trial

I have Bonnie (my Golden x Poodle) entered in our next trial outdoors
on the 7th of July. Her training has been mainly indoors so I entered her FEO (for exhibition only) in both her classes, one a day. You can take a toy in the ring with you (no squeaky toys or food) and reward them at the obstacles if you want to. She does not do her weaves yet but I will just bypass them. It will give me an idea of what I have to work on. She has her contacts solid so that I was why I chose a Standard run this time so she gets a chance to do all the equipment. No telling what will happen outdoors but just want to make it a fun day.

I have been taking her along to the last few trials with Lucy and she has had a lot of fun, now I will see how focused she is in the ring.

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