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Default Warning

WARNING! This had never occured to me until my brother called to warn me.

My nephew's girlfriend works for a vet and her Mother is a vet. Hannah had a year old chocolate lab that she took everhwere she went that she coudl take him. They were on the toll road in Austin and the dog somehow got his paw on the button that opens and closes the window. The window was down about 4", but it went down all the way and the dog jumped out. Hannah stoppd saw the dog was up and on the side of the road, but he sudenly jumped over the rail--and they were on the bridge and it was a 40' drop.

Most likely the dog did have serious injuries after jumping out of the car and no idea why he jumped over tht rail unless he was scared or in so much pain he was not thinking. Hannah totally blames herself becuae she did not have the child lock set on the windows.

We take our Great Pyrenees with us just riding around and to Lowes, etc and we have the widnow down about 4". But my hubby always has the doors and back windows on child lock so Sir Moose can't open either.

I just wanted to warn you about this since it had never occured to me that something like this could happen and I have driven around with dogs in the car for decades tho back when...we didn't have these door and window kid locks.
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